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    British Foreign Service Helmets

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    I'm looking to see if any collectors have any unique British Foreign Service Helmets. I recently co-authored an article on these, but I came across a dealer who has two helmets that I believe have the characteristics of American, not British helmets.


    Items #10 and #11

    Most of the helmets that I've seen, which were undeniably British, were six panels. These two helmets are four panel, which is the American pattern. Any opinions? And has anyone ever seen a tartan pagri? I have looked in dozens of books, and have found no photographic evidence. Anything?

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    the 1891 Dress regulations state that White Helmets with fittings for service abroad were covered with white cloth in six seams.

    The 1891 regulations also state that "white pugarees are worn with helmets in India, Ceylon, Hong Kong, the Straits Settlements, Mauritius, Malta and Cyprus".

    The Dress Regulations of 1900 also specify six seams and pugarees are authorised for all stations abroad. These helmets when worn with a khaki uniform could either have a khaki cover or be manufactured in khaki rather than white.

    I have never seen an example, drawing nor photo of such a helmet with a tartan pugaree. Does anyone know what tartan it is? It does look a little too new for the helmet.

    As far as I know the Natal Mounted Police wore a helmet plate and I notice that there is no evidence of any plate being worn on this one.

    I have more Army Dress Regulations on order so these may throw some more light on the topic.


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    The sources I have on American helmets describe them as being four panel helmets. This is why I brought it up. The thing is I have a four panel American helmet. It looks like the Scottish one for sale almost:

    IPB Image

    The price was certainly much better. I just hate to see anyone pay that money if they're really buying an American helmet that is worth 1/10th the price! :angry:

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