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    Hi Guys,

    I have a buttonhole award that is missing parts.

    The first ribbon I think would be for the 1870/71 service medal--is that right?

    The 2nd place medal is confusing me. Would it make sence to have 2 long service awards?

    Maybe a 10 or 15 year hanging next to the 25 year???????

    Thanks for your help,



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    Guest Rick Research

    Yes, either a bronze combatant 1870 or a "stay at home" in steel, illogically on the same ribbon.

    I can't imagine what, circa 1897, would have led to an XXV being SECOND of TWO Prussian long services, but until 1913, the only all dark blue ribbons were for the XXV and the Reserve-Landwehr long service brooch (as the LD2 then was) and XX Years Cross.

    An XX and an XXV couldn't be worn together until after WW1...

    so what I think this must have been was:

    a 1913+ bow for an old former NCO who had upgraded one of the previous model active duty awards (probably the IX Years) AND had an LD2. That was a fairly common combination for former career NCOs who stayed in the Landwehr into their 40s.

    So my best guess is that the XXV onthere shouldn't be.

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