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    hey mon, I told you....... Bavarian Red Cross.......... it has taken me this long to find this photo fro you!

    I've stared longingly at that exact same decoration, but unfortunately my mystery decoration is still a bit different. My tormentor doesn't have those narrow blue edge stripes...


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    ...plus the blue is a little different. It's damn near exactly the same blue as the blue of the Bavarian Long Service decoration, or the blue and white version of the Prince Alphons brooch thingy.

    Here are a couple additional pictures I've found on the website of a collector that specializes in Red Cross decorations:



    At the moment, my best guess is that it might be some sort of obscure shooting award or some hitherto unknown (unofficial?) dynastic award. There is a precedent for one of the other Prince Alphonse brooch ribbons being recycled on a shooting medal, and I can't help but wonder if that's what ultimately happened here.

    Thanks so much for sharing, but alas, no remedy to my madness. :speechless-smiley-004:


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