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    Good morning Gentlemen

    I thought I'd present my cased awards, which is pretty much the last remnants of my "Third Reich" collecting days from many years ago.

    First up, a lovely little LDO cased KVK2 with Swords. The ring is marked "127".



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    I remember this item went the rounds through all my collector friends at one time or another, to help fund further purchases. The pin is marked L15.

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    Guest Darrell

    Hi Jason,

    I hate to be the barer of bad news .. but I have spotted a couple of fakes based on these pics alone.

    a. The KVK 1 w/o Swords in Post # 5 is a well known Floche fake.

    b. The EK1 in post # 18 is a fake.

    I'd like to see the reverse of the KVK1 w/ swords and the Memel if you could supply pics. Thanks.

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