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    Czech-Slovak Uniforms?

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    • 2 years later...
    Guest Rick Research

    "Best" I can do is this, from when they finally made it to the Pacific coast. Beyond the Orthodox monastery out on the rock... next land... Alaska!

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    Here are some photos of Czechoslovak legion uniform - number 8 on left sleev is the number of regiment, the green slip under it is for reconnaisance... red slips on right sleev are for years of service - in this case three years of service in Cs. legion...

    This uniforms were made at the beginning in Russia from japanese material, later in Czechoslovakia from imported felt fabric.

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    hunyadi: on your photo is uniform of a 4 years in legion serving sergeant (čat?r) of 4. czechoslovak marksman regiment of Prokop the great (4. československ? streleck? pluk Prokopa Velik?ho). After "great war" was this regiment dislocated in Hradec Kr?lov? (Czech republic) and united with A-H Infantry regiment Nr.18. There is a ribbon of Commemorative badge of Czechoslovak volunteer 1918-19... Edited by Iver
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