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    1. Wanting to get some thoughts on this medal before I pull the trigger
    2. From left to right. Combat Leadership Badge (awarded to officers for completion of combat training / tactics) Silver Bravery Medal (awarded to Enlisted and NCOs for bravery in combat) - if the grouping is original, it looks to be an NCO that was promoted. Iron Cross Retrun of Upper Hungary - campaign medal Retrun of Transylvania- campaign medal Order of the Knight - this is a "knightship" awarded by the Regent Miklos Horthy that had many benefits including a tract of land and heraldry that could be passed to generations. It could be awarded fro bravery in combat or remarkable service.
    3. Hi Vince - the awards themselves are certainly believeable, however I have rearely seen a mounted medal bar from the Royal Honved that used an actual bar. The parade uniform used loops sewn to the uniform for mounting. The Iron Cross, was a foreign award and therefore worn in a latter location of parade order. Most contemporary photos of Iron Cross recipients wore the ribbon and or cross through the second buttonhole in parade dress form, or the day of the award. Its possible that the bar may date from the immediate post war era for civilian wear, but unlikely as it was nearly immediately illegal to wear "fascist" awards under Soviet occupation. Again I think the awards are good, but the mounting is questionable.
    4. Without awaiting Zsolts comment - I would say the on Zsolt shows and the one in the grouping are the same. Examine the same enamel flaw in the white of the national colors. Seems like someone has been adding numbers to these badges ...
    5. I looked for him but I was not able to find him in the partisan lexicon.
    6. My Russian is bad so I cant figure out the one document but the other tattered document is a "press pass". It explains that the is working for the Soviet / Hungarian military newspaper "New Word" (Uj Szo) perhaps the other tattered document in Russian is similarly related. I wonter if he was a political offcier in the new military.... As for prices - well, its quite unique as Stogieman pointed out, but its hard to pinpoint a value on one of these. Not many come to market and I have only seen one other of the first type award booklets. (which I photographed for my book) I suspect that the handful of originals are being traded in Hungary or held in some of the vast HUPR collections and rearely come to the wolrd wide open market..
    7. It was on Ebay.com - was going for $1,100 - nice but it was a bit steep considering the market for these today.
    8. Im not buying anymore - but selling real soon. The story on Szita Ferenc is a good one. He was a member of the 10 man unit known as the Lebovics Partisan Group. On September 19th, 1944 they made an airborne insertion near the town of Eger. The insertion was not very sucessful as nearly half of them were injured when they landed. Ferenc's radio was damaged and he was unable to repair it. They eluded Border Gurads, Hungarian Soldiers and Germans for several days. On Sept 21st they were involved in a serious firefight with German forces. Two members "died a hero's death" by grenade. (thrown on them or by human bomber??) the following day the wounded were captured and the rest (presumably Ferenc) managed to escape into the countryside untill the end of the war. Quite a unique story.
    9. This is István Horthy, Horthy's oldest son who was killed in a suspicious plane crash in Ausust of 1942. According to the testimony German ground personell worked on his RE-2000 fighter before his final flight. It crashed shortly after take-off in Pula, Russia. Its is suspected that his death was a warning to Horthy as the Regent was secretly looking to find an armistice and truce with the Allies. So - it would stand to say the photo album is prior to that time period.
    10. Nope - dont have the book - I would also love to have the box! And the Order! Very nice item! Can you share any more information about the recipient? This is of course a combat award so he would have been attached to or near a Hungarian unit during either the Balkan campaign or the Don River Front slaughter....
    11. sadly I cnat recall who ended up with it... but considering - it was sold for a song....
    12. Thought that the Agyik Joszef was familiar - this was sold a year ago by me to help pay for a purchase.... its out there somewhere now....
    13. I have held #1 in my hands - its in the National Museum along with Maleter's Partiszan Badge and medals.... I wish we could have been allowed to take photos....
    14. On the third page of this thread are the examples I have in my collection and Gordon's as well. On page 231 of Elvtars - there is an example of the first pattern award document. Sorry guys, I only had so much space to work with and chose to go with the image of the "ultra-rare" rather than the "harder to find" type. In addition I have just aquired #558 cant moderate and add to the list anymore
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