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    Hello Everyone.

    This Busby skull is copper(or brass) and still retains some remnants or an overall silver wash. The detail seems fairly good (but I don't have anything to compare it to.) To the reverse are 4 flat "prongs". At the widest point the device measures 9cm by about 8.3cm. And like a shako or Busby device, there is a nice curvature to the whole object. There are no makers marks that I have found and it appears that the previous owner tried to polish it :banger: .

    Does anyone know if this is proper for a busby skull or if it is a reproduction of one. I will post more images soon.

    Thanks for all your help[attachmentid=63777]

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    Thanks for the message Robin.

    That is encouraging to say the least. I was told that some of the skulls had a bolt type assembly on the upper section, reverse to help keep the device secured to the busby.

    Also, would this manufacture indicate wartime Enlisted men or Prewar?


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    I've never seen an original with bolts. The one you show is typical of originals. These were worn from the mid-19th century until 1918......

    Robin, That is one absolutely Smashing Hat!

    Is the totenkopf on your busby the smaller version or not.

    Here are a few more images of the skull in question.


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