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    Four soldiers with names

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    I just found this photograph/postcard of four German soldiers three of wich are smoking pretty pipes. Because they are wearing field coats I guess it is dificult to say much about their units but in the other hand the soldier who send the card home has indicated the name of the four young men in the picture and has written a long note in the back. As it is in a mixture of old and modern script it is difficult for me to read. Could someone please give some light on this?

    Thanks in advance


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    A friend in Austria with the help of his mother, has translated the card as follows:

    The front of the card shows four persons at a house in front of a window. Through the open window you can see a hole in the ceiling.

    The persons are marked from 1 - 4 The names are written on the left of the photo:

    1 Gefreiter Gartenschl?ger ( Gefreiter is a military rank. In USA it is "private") (Gartenschl?ger is a typical German family name)

    2 Gefreiter Beyer

    3 ...(unreadable)... Beizer or Jeizer

    4 ...(unreadable)

    The text at the back:

    "St. Boni...an...(unreadable location) dem 3.3.15. (date)"

    "Liebe Eltern l. Geschw!"

    (Liebe Eltern = dear parents)

    (l. Geschw! = abbrev. of "dear brothers and sistters)

    "F?r dein Packerl, liebe Magda, besten Dank."

    (Thank you very much for your parcel, dear Magda)

    (Magda = womans name, probably his sister)

    "Anbei sende ich Euch eine Photographie von unseren Quartier in


    (Herewithin I send you a picture of our camp in Brillreville)

    (Brillereville is hard to decipher - might be slightly different, but it

    sounds French, so it might be in France or Belgium)

    "Das Haus ist zusammen geschossen"

    (The house is destroyed by gunfire)

    "Ein St?ck mit durchschossener Decke ist noch ganz"

    (A section of it with a hole in the ceiling because of the gunfire is

    modereately undestroyed).

    "...(unreadable) ...der Decke k?nnt Ihr durch das Fenster sehen."

    (unreadable ...on the ceiling you can see through the window)

    "Von der H?lle haben wir ins ein Strohlager zurecht gemacht"

    (in this emty case (of the house) we prepared us a straw-camp(sleeping


    "Hier verbringen wir ...(unreadable)... alle am Tage ...(unreadable)"

    (here we spend all ... (unreadable) ... during the daytime ... (unreadable).

    "Wenn wir in Feuer kommen, verduften wir uns in den Keller"

    (if we come into gunfire, we flee into the cellar)

    "Herzliche Gr??e, Euer (hard to read - maybe Erich)"

    (warm greetings, your Erich)

    Can someone please identify the location?


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