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WWII POWs, Ft. Drum

I came across this interesting information on WWII POWs here in the United States I would like to share with the forum. Click on the above link and after you read the information, at the bottom you will find a link for PHOTOS.


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I visited these graves once when I was posted to Fort Drum in the mid-90s.

When I was posted to Fort Bliss in the mid-80s I discovered that my headquarters building was built on top of what had been the old POW camp garbage dump. We discovered this one day when work crews were excavating to repair some old sewage lines. At the time, I was not really a militaria collector; however, there was a major in our headquarters that collected. One afternoon he came in to the HQ all excited with a bucket full of very awful smelling stuff - old hats, canteens and rotting booklets - everything he found in the pit being dug outside. Of course, these were items from the POW camp. We thougt he was quite crazy. :wacky:

And we were certain his wife wouldn't be pleased with his "treasures." :violent:

Now I kinda wish I had taken a look in that pit too... :rolleyes:

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