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    Guest Rick Research

    I haven't been able to turn up anything on civil service "Lieutenant Colonel" Niederquell as yet, and wonder if he was a young Nazi who went on into the BRD's service? It's a highly unusual family name.

    For comparison, here is the standard "Berlin" large eagle issue KVK2 civil, black eagle, both "signatures" printed-- and issued on the same day, coincidentally!


    I think civil "no swords" KVKs have long been seriously underestimated both for what it took to earn one as opposed to the often "automatic" military KVKXs, and for the much lesser numbers awarded. Documents are even scarcer.

    I can't even remember the last time I saw another KVK1 document. jumping.gif

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    Thanks Rick, I'd seen your doc on the other thread and noted the date. Of course "30 Januar" being the significant anniversary in the Nazi calendar, they probably made group issues on that date each year. Kai Br?ggemann has two of these in his collection, one with the hand executed lettering like the Knight's Cross Urkunden, and another with typewritten details. Interestingly both of these too were on the same date, 1 September, but one in 1943 and one in 1944. Must have been some significance in the 1 September date also.

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    I checked the date on my 2nd class w/o swords and guess what wink.gif Rick, I believe you're right about the rarity of 1st class KVK w/o swords doc's, but the A4 size seems to be easier finding than w/s. Been looking for one for quite some time.



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    Guest Rick Research

    I agree on the "batch processing." 30 January for taking over in 1933, 20 April for Hitler's birthday, and 9 November for the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch all seem common "Party anniversary" nominal date bestowals just saved up to make an "occasion." 1 September must be simply as anniversary of the war starting.

    Imposing and impressive as these large eagle heading documents are, I like the detail that the smaller type usual for "with Swords" awards provides on who actually ISSUED the award to the recipient, with a real signature and specific stamp.

    I'm 1 for 3 on "finding" any of these recipients-- and I only know about my own civil servant recipient because it came in a GROUP of other papers 1926-83.

    Let's see those no swords KVK documents and especially does anybody have another KVK1?

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