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    In another thread, which deals with the Prussian Order of the Black Eagle, Rick Research

    refers to the thought, I think correctly. that the Black Eagle was often awarded to senior

    officers when, essentially, they had everything else.

    In 1901 the Merit Order of the Prussian Crown was founded. I have had conversations

    which speculate that this order was founded to fit between the Red and Black Eagles to

    alleviate this situation. Any thoughts?

    While we?re at it, does anyone know of any actual, or intended, connection between the

    Merit Order of the Prussian Crown and Prussian Merit Cross series which was founded

    in 1912?

    Thanks for any information.

    Wild Card

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    Hi Wild Card,

    Working largely off recall and conjecture, I will suggest the following:

    When instituted, the PKO was sandwiched between the eagles ? one the high house order and the other a merit order. At that point in time, the sovereign likely did not foresee the calamity to which his kingdom was to come, hence his interest in keeping the SAO exclusive. This concern for the future clearly evaporated in the waning days of the empire. Given that ? it is clear to me that the intent was to buffer the Black Eagle to protect its prestige by allowing an additional, in itself exclusive, rung in the merit ladder. I have no idea as to who the awardees were so can make no input as to the actual usage patterns.

    I can make no input as to your question ? interesting as it is relating this order to merit crosses.

    Sorry as none of the above is likely to be news to you - just my interpretation.



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