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  1. Hi Chet! According to the fantastic and just released book “Die Order und Ehrenzeichen des Herzogtums Braunschweig von 1696 bis 1918” by Stephan Schwarz, we find that von Rüdgisch was awarded the knight’s first class cross of the Order of Henry the Lion in 1899; and at that time he held the post of Major Cavallerie Instructteur der Türkischen Armee. Another piece of the picture. Best wishes, Wild Card
  2. May I present a little lady who has recently emerged from the shadows. She is a miniature of the Prussian Frauen-Verdienstkreuz which was founded on 22 October 1907. She must be quite rare because (1) not many of these decorations were awarded and (2) it seems that miniatures of women’s awards tend to be uncommon.
  3. Yes, thank you. I can tell you that I bought this bar along with it’s matching miniatures from George Seymour over twenty years ago; and up to that point George and Rick Lundstrom had made every effort to identify the recipient, sadly without success.
  4. Hey Claudio! Fantastic work by your brother, my congratulations to him. With regard to General Heye’s awards, you might find this interesting. Best wishes to you both, Wild Card
  5. Gentlemen, With regard to the noncombat medal on the combat ribbon, here is another example (actually a double dipper) which I believe I have posted some years ago. Regards, Wild Card
  6. An amazing story and presentation. Thank you for your time and effort. Wild Card
  7. Fantastic. Isn’t it amazing how all of those lightning bolts between the arms are finished - craftsmanship at its finest! The chain is most unusual. Thank you for sharing this. Best wishes, Wild Card
  8. Gentlemen, I don't think that it has been pointed out yet, but it is worthy of note that Robert von Wurttemberg appears to be wearing a rarely seen Wilhelmskreuz with swords and crown. Thank you all for your contributions to this very interesting topic. Wild Card
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