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    1. Hi VtwinVince I am sorry to say that there are not any marks on this SAO cross that would identify a maker. Its companion star does, however, have the usual etched “W” below its catch. Sorry, wish that we could have done better on this one.
    2. How about "Die Ketten des preußischen Hohen Ordens vom Schwarzen Adler : 1701-1918" by Peter Sauerwald.
    3. Now there is an excellent example of dedicated collecting. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
    4. A minor correction. The missing wreath would be what is referred to as a Lorbeerkranz which has pointed leaves as opposed to the fuller oak leaves.
    5. Hello bolewts58, Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and assistance. While the vast majority of my photo records are jpeg, some, such as these, are tif; and my feeble efforts to convert them were totally unsuccessful. I hope that they prove to be of some value to the discussion. Again, thank you and best wishes, Wild Card
    6. Here, for comparison, is a star which was awarded in 1901. It is marked “W” at six o’clock on the reverse. 1591.900801 copy.tif 1591.900801A copy.tif
    7. Can't really say that I have quit collecting, but I certainly am glad that I got what I've when I got it. Is there no answer to this insanity?
    8. Well said.


      What can be done about it?

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