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  1. An amazing story and presentation. Thank you for your time and effort. Wild Card
  2. Fantastic. Isn’t it amazing how all of those lightning bolts between the arms are finished - craftsmanship at its finest! The chain is most unusual. Thank you for sharing this. Best wishes, Wild Card
  3. Gentlemen, I don't think that it has been pointed out yet, but it is worthy of note that Robert von Wurttemberg appears to be wearing a rarely seen Wilhelmskreuz with swords and crown. Thank you all for your contributions to this very interesting topic. Wild Card
  4. Hello jaeger7, I wish that I could provide some more answers on this medal and the members of the family Sixt von Armin to whom it may have presented; but I just don’t do not have any more information to go upon. Hopefully, some of our fellow members will be able to help. Best wishes, Wild Card
  5. Hello Jaeger7, Thank you for your inquiry. First, as you will see below, there is something that I should correct. In my original post where I said that the inscription reads “SIXT VON ARMIN…”, it should be “SIXT.v.ARMIN. …”. To your question, I would say that it is stamped, not engraved. I hope that this information and these pictures are helpful. Thank you again for your inquiry and interest. Best wishes, Wild Card
  6. Greetings David, I believe that this medal is an example of what you are looking for. It is inscribed on the rim - “SIXT VON ARMIN KÖN. PREUSS HAUPT. IM 2 WESTPH. INFANT. REC. N. 15” I hope that this is helpful. Best wishes, Wild Card
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