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  1. I know that the OMSA ribbon bank recently received a donation of a considerable amount of new stock. I am also sure that there was some of this ribbon in there. Original or repro, I cannot say for sure. Good luck, Wild Card
  2. BlackcowboyBS and redeagleorder thank you for your kind comments. With regard to your question redeagleorder - In his book “Der Hausorden und die Tragbaren Ehrenzeichen des Grossherzogtums Oldenburg 1813 - 1918”, Friedhelm Beyreiss states that 50 pieces were delivered by Knauer. Of these, eighteen were awarded; and of those, two were awarded to men, the remaining sixteen, of course, to women. I would not be terribly concerned about how your medals are mounted. Inasmuch as this bar would have been assembled from 1934 onwards, we know how by that time the old Imperial guidelines were not strictly followed. Hopefully you will get access to the Schwarzburg Anna-Luisen Verdienstzeichen rolls to solve this mystery. Please keep us posted! Regards, Wild Card
  3. Gentlemen, From Oldenburg comes one of the more uniquely designed Imperial German decorations - the 1907 Red Cross medal. This one, being on a bow ribbon would be one of sixteen awarded to women.
  4. Sorry, can't show you. My bank does not allow pictures of their vault area.
  5. Gentlemen, I would like to add two more cases to our thread which you nay find unique. The red case is to a Bavarian golden Ludwig's medal for arts & science while the black case is to a silver Bavarian Ludwig's medal for industry. As you can see, the design of these cases does not conform to the pale blue with the written description theme which we commonly associate with Bavarian awards. I hope that you like them. Wild Card
  6. Alex K, Per your request, here are photos of the Bavarian MSO. Regards, Wild Card Hey Beau! Thanks for posting that beautiful Olga Order (case). I knew that there was one out there. Wild Card
  7. Yes, of course. For safety reasons (I'm sure that you understand), this cross does not live here at home. I am making arrangements for a visit so that I can take aa couple of pictures of it which I will post when I get them. Meanwhile, here is another Bavarian case, with its resident which I hope you enjoy.
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