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    Bayonet & scabbard ID


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    Can anyone tell me anything about these two? Country/countries of origin, used by which armies, age?

    They were bought together but as the bayonet fits so poorly into the scabbard, I wouldn't have thought they started out together.

    There are some markings on the bayonet, these are pictured below.



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    I could be very wrong about this one, but I will still try.

    I used to collect bajonets and owned 2 of these,

    it looks like a Tjechoslowakian bajonet from the 1960's, based on earlier (ww2 and before) used bajonets in other countries.

    I say again, not my strongest point, and since the Tjechoslowakian are based on earlier ones combined with my low experience with bajonets it could be one of those.

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    Thanks for the comment.

    Can anyone confirm?

    It's a Turkish M1935 conversion, this has been bugging me since you first posted it. I thought it was Turkish but couldn't remember where I'd seen it. Then I looked in Janzen's. AS. FR is the abbreviation for Military Factory. Seems to be that they converted every thing under the sun to fit their Model 1935 rifle.

    PM me your email addy and I'll scan the relevant pages, you'll then know as much as me and can make up your own mind which conversion it is

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