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    I am trying to make a display for a Baden artillery hauptmann around his engraved EK 1.

    I need help to determine his proper shoulder boards.

    He was a member of Badisches Feld - Artillerie/ Regiment Nr. 66/ 1 Battery.

    I have been able to get a set of Prussian Boards which I understand would be the same as Baden would wear. They are grey, have the flaming bomb, but only one "pip" and the number "45".

    Would someone please comment on how close I am to the proper boards I am looking for?

    Also I would very much appreciate hearing from someone as to a source for what I am looking for.



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    Well, as to the style, you are very close. The 66th would look just like this with a red underlay and of course, the correct numbers and the your additional pip. There is no source you can go to in order to get the board you are looking for. Shoulder boards can be illusive, especially when you are looking for a specific unit and a specific rank. Just keep looking (especially on German eBay or Weitze's website) and you might get lucky.


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