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    A very nice pair of medal bars. While the awards all look good from what can be seen in the photo, with the exception of the EKs and KVKs I don't know enough about the awards to know if they should all go together on the same bar. But to me they look good. Nice !!

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    I note this did not receive much comment. Was it common for two Faithfull Service cross's to be worn together? I had read that only the highest would be worn, in this case the 40 yr. But I have seen many instances of nonconforming bars and strange sequence of awards. Has it been noted before that more than one was worn? I looked about but have not seen other examples.


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    Guest Rick Research

    You are absolutely correct. It was NOT regulation to wear more than one...

    but this was a very common Third Reich period error.

    This was the "two Wehrmacht awards" October 1936 regulations being misapplied by everybody else. There was, of course, absolutely NO reason why two Wehrmacht long service awards should have been worn together :speechless: either...

    but what was the correct regulation for military members was taken as granted to others when that was not the case.

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