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    1848 & 1866 Tirol medals


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    Below are my 1848 & 1866 Tirol medals.

    I was hoping that someone could tell me what the criteria for these were? Any information would be welcome. Also, I know of the first republic Tirol Medal from WWI, and one or two at the end of the 18th century, but were there any others from the 19th century? I want to say I read about one, but I've never seen it and haven't seen any references to it since.


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    Hi Keith,

    shortly after his throne-accession young emperor Franz Josef issued on 21st December 1848 a medal for tyrolian citizens who defended the tyrolian borders during the turbulent revololution year 1848. the medal called Silberne Denkm?nze f?r die Landesverteidger Tirols 1848 was given to members of the special tyrolian Landstumeinheiten. Engravings were done by Konrad Lange (1806-1856).

    Material: silver; diameter 31mm, weight: 13,8 gramms

    the official issue has a henkel?se like the golden bravery medals (see picture)

    ribbon: white-green trifold (38-40mm), for civilians (33mm) on pull-through-ribbon



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    On 4th of November 1908 an medal was issued on the occassion of the 50th anniversary of the defence of tyrol in 1859 called Denkm?nze f?r die Tiroler Landesverteidiger vom Jahre 1859.

    it was given to landsturm-veterans by the kaiser in 1909 during the official centenary-celebrations for 1809 (nap-wars).

    Material silver, diameter 32mm. weight: 17 gramms. 597 medals were issued.



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    In 1866 the tyrolian landessch?tzen (landsturm) were mobilized again. and again, similar to 1848, a medal, called Denkm?nze an die Tiroler Landesverteidigung vom Jahre 1866 was issued on 17th september 1866. engravings by Josef Tautenhayn. material: silver, diameter 31mm weight: 15 gramms. sorry, i have no numbers

    ribbon: red-white-trifold 38-40mm


    for details on the tyrolian medals from 1796 and 1797 look HERE

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    Colleagues, good afternoon.I ask for help in determining the medal, this is a miniature, diameter 20 mm, clearly covered with silver (although it may be nickel-plated), the release period and name are not clear. It looks like the one you discussed.

    малый формат 2.jpg

    малый формат.jpg

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