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  1. I agree it's written "Großpapa". I'm 62 and Italian, but I thank my parents, both fluent in German, for having taught me the Kurrentschrift (aka "Sütterlin" in a later form), when I was a young boy...
  2. You're welcome. I'm glad if I've been of any help. Since the 1st class is very hard to find, a nice 2nd class cross would be a nice addition to any collection. The price for a Geistliches Verdienstkreuz 2. Klasse, although not cheap, is usually lower than its actual rarity. Best wishes, Enzo (E.L.)
  3. Hello, I've also read the reports about that... "Nothing new under the sun", though. Let's never forget what happened in Germany...
  4. Hello, I've better examined the picture of this "Geistliches Verdienstkreuz I Klasse" and, after having enlarged the image enough, I can say, without doubt, that this piece comes from a batch of copies appeared in the early 2000s. At first, they've been sold as "pre-1918 private purchase pieces" or, with the hilarious descriprion as pre-1918 "Spangenstück". Soon, it became clear that they came from the workshop of a now late, german faker. Best wishes, E.L.
  5. Hello, I need to thank Sandro for having told me about this discussion. Lately, I'm often away and without the necessary time to talk about Austro-Hungarian awards. The piece shown is a 2nd type, 2nd Class "Geistliches Verdienstkreuz" or "Piis Meritis" cross, made by Messrs. Mayer's Söhne of Vienna, that at a certain moment was gilt and fitted with white enameled centre medallions, to look like a 1st Class cross. The 1st Class cross, that is an extremely rare (if not scarce) decoration, was awarded in gold only and never in any gilt version, unless privately acquired.
  6. Hello, The French state mint, didn't produce the Sardinian/Italian "Al Valore Militare" medal. It is known, that French, private firms, produced this medal to provide those eligible to wear it, in more or less fine quality and different diameter. The French-made medals, usually have the "Guerre d'Italie" inscription, struck instead being engraved. Best wishes, E. L.
  7. Hello, an interesting contrubution indeed. Perhaps, Messrs. Cravanzola used something "off the shelf" to satisfy the request of Burkina Faso's government. Has the item displayed on ebay been sold already? All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  8. Hello Igor, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlaraffia you can have a general idea of the "Schlaraffen" movement. In the german-speaking world there was an active collecting of insignia and badges of this association. All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  9. Hello, I am glad if in this case I could have been of help in the identification of this medal. Many years ago, I've had the opportunity to meet Dr. Pizzi: he was a fan of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a faithful client of Messrs. Rothe & Neffe shop in Vienna. His collection, counted a tasteful choice of interesting, original pieces. All the best, Enzo
  10. Hello, in my opinion, the eagle holding hammer and sickle in its talons, is the coat-of-arms of 1919 Deutschösterreich, or the post-WW2 2nd Republic. Not being visible the "broken chain" to the eagle's talons, it's most probable that the badge dates back to the "Republik Deutschösterreich" Best wishes, E.L.
  11. Hello, this finely made medal is italian, "instituted" at the end of the 70s and "awarded" at least until 1998. The man, whose bust is visible on the obverse, with the inscription "GIO. CARLO II", is Dr.Ing. Giancarlo Pizzi from Milan, whose ancestry goes back to the Counts of Porcia in the Friuli region of North-East Italy. For unknown reasons, but surely with some sense of humour, he created this "Merit Medal", he used to award on the occasion of his birthday (or other occasions), to friends and other persons, whose fidelity and conspicuous merits towards him, deserved a visib
  12. Hello, the badge refers to the foundation of one of the many "Shooters' Companies" (Schützenkompanien"), active in the Alto Adige autonomous province (also known as "Südtirol" from the german-speaking population). Here, https://schuetzen.com/veranstaltung/40-jahre-wiedergruendungsfest-der-schuetzenkompanie-sepp-innerkofler-sexten/ you can find a few data about the celebrations for the 40 years of that company, to be held in the next July. As you can see from the link above, they mean to celebrate the "re-foundation" of their company, named to Sepp Innerkofler… that actually neve
  13. Hello, This piece is a modern reproduction, made "in the style" of the copies made by Rothe & Neffe until the late 70s of 20th Century. Best wishes, Enzo (E.L.)
  14. the mark is "HUW", for Heinrich Ulbrichs Witwe; a mark actually not often encountered. All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
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