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  1. Hello, this medal bar appears as appropriate, with a nicely made cross of the Merit Order of the Republic, in the new type (more recent pieces are horribly made). The Long Service Cross looks ok, same as the mission medal/cross. The "Order of the Iron Crown" is a "self styled order" that fortunately is now forbidden for wear. It's difficult to say whether a mission medal is an original or not, because they are always privately purchased, since our state mint discontinued the production of medals, besides those for military, naval and civil valour. So, we can see medals
  2. Thank you Igor, I've always liked the Virtuti Militari, besides my interest in the Imperial Austrian awards...
  3. "(...) disgusting herbal concoction (...)" I took note of this description, to enrich my otherwise limited, English "Wortschatz"...
  4. Hello, many thanks for the comments. Since I'm more into the Imperial Austrian orders and decorations, I'd be glad to know which state/authority adopted the "cross" or "snowflake" mark, struck to the pin of my Tamara Order. The star looks like being made of silver and the centre medallion still shows an excellent gilding. All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  5. Hello, I would like to give my contribution to this interesting thread, posting a little group found some years ago, including the Order of Queen Tamara with its award document, the personal papers and a few correspondence from Georgia, of the man who received it, a German Gefreiter from the "Funkstation" in Tiflis (Tbilisi). The star is still in its "uncleaned" condition, as it was found; the pin, is struck with a tiny "x". All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  6. I've never smoked a single cigarette in my 62 years so I can't compare, but I can say that I like Lapsang Souchong tea, having tasted it the first time when I was 16, and a sea cadet. I'm not a Brit, though.
  7. Hello, acutually, the Austrian Red Cross had no proper award, before 1914. Best wishes, Enzo (E.L.)
  8. A nice collection, with very fine pieces, congratulations! Enzo
  9. As a conclusion, I've been able to take a picture of the "Ersatz-Urkunde", released by the Federal Republic of Germany, framed and at the wall, in my late father's study-room. I think it could be considered as an interesting, rather uncommon document, especially for being given to a non-German. The original "Urkunde", for what I know, should be somewhere in the desert's sands between Tobruk and Alamein...
  10. Hello, the world is strange... this morning a german colleague, collector of orders and decorations, called me informing that the Gunzenhausen show is taking place, although with less exhibitors: does anyone know more about this curious thing?
  11. You're perfectly right, noting the typing mistake that I've just corrected in my post, thank you! Pierre Didio, was in Poland between 1919 and 1927, as stated in his detailed biography, available on the webpage I've quoted as a link. Best wishes, Enzo
  12. Thank you, Gordon. I took that picture myself (I was nearly 17 years old, then), on dad's return back home in Verona, from the award ceremony, at the Miltary Region Higher Command in Padua.
  13. To complete my contribution to this interesting thread, I would like to add a portrait of my father in full-dress, taken early in 1975 when, as a Major General, he received the Commander's Cross of the Merit Order of the Republic. He is wearing the above pictured medal bar and EK-I. All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  14. ...Colonel Classe also had the Kampforden in Bronze and Silver... and many, further awards...
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