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  1. Hello, This piece is a modern reproduction, made "in the style" of the copies made by Rothe & Neffe until the late 70s of 20th Century. Best wishes, Enzo (E.L.)
  2. the mark is "HUW", for Heinrich Ulbrichs Witwe; a mark actually not often encountered. All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  3. Hello Igor, the maker could well be a Romanian jeweller, unless there would also be present austrian silver marks. All the best, Enzo
  4. What decoration was struck with this mark? Thank you, Enzo (E.L.)
  5. You're welcome, Paul. I regret for not being able to give more info... All the best, Enzo
  6. Dear Paul, I've had this decoration in the past, from a vast number of pre-revolutionary China's awards, collected in the Shenzhen region, bought by me, back in 1992. Pity, no one was with any description. I can only add that the piece once in my property, had a ring suspension and ribbon with the colours of China's republic… and a different number, struck to the reverse. In the picture provided, the decoration's reverse allows to presume that a suspension has been removed. All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  7. Hello Glenn, my statement was about this picture... All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  8. Hello, I would like to revive this discussion, because the posted replica VC looks almost identical to the two pieces sold at Spink's on November 27th-28th 2019 sale, lots 580-581. The two pieces show a better finish though and both are named to two Irish men Danaher and Doogan resp., during the 1st Boer War. Good pictures of the two pieces can be seen on Spink's webpage. Best wishes, E.L.
  9. A nice group of awards. It's a pity that the award document to the Military Order of Savoy is not present.
  10. Not bad indeed, if considered as a toy.
  11. Hello, I don't see anything suspicious with this set. Best wishes, E. L.
  12. Hello, any maker's mark to the reverse of the two stars? By the way, differences in the text on the white enameled outer circlet do occur. Looking at the quality/finish of the two stars, I'd dare to say that the first one is elder than the second piece shown. All the best, Enzo (E.L.)
  13. ...and the second, "JZ" mark, is that of the well-known maker Josef Zimbler. Most of the Wiederholungsspangen were made by Zimbler, but of white metal. Finding a silver one, is definitely a "plus".
  14. Hello, being more into the Austro-Hungarian faleristic (and its room here), I've missed this thread. The Gunzenhausen show is a tradition I can't miss. Nice that the renovated Stadthalle is back into use and that the new management continues to keep this show alive. I've had my table as usual on the stage, met many friends and many collectors. It was nice to also meet Sascha and see his usually very fine offering of orders and decorations. An "adventure" with happy ending, gave some suspense to my participation. The good thing of Gunzenhausen is that it takes place in a pleasant town: its Church, with fine works of art and its wonderful organ, is well worth a visit. Ad maiora! Enzo (E.L.)
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