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    Bandiana (Victoria) Ordnance Museum

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    Hi all,

    I hope this is the right place to give these photos a home, I travel up to see my eldest son who is currently serving in New South Wales, and on the way, there is a great little museum at the Army centre just outside of Wodonga, at Bandiana, which is just inside the Victorian border with New South Wales, they have a great display of Aussie uniforms and equipment going back to the Boer War, and right through to todays peacekeepers, will start my tour with a display from the 1st World War, horses and mess wagon.

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    A Bell Sioux helicopter, I had my very first flight in a military chopper in one of these, had to go and deliver codes, and the pilot decided to do an autorotation on the way back, I think I said that I would catch a taxi for the next flight, he enjoyed the look in my eyes when he turned the damned thing off!!!


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