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  1. I agree with Chris and '922F', it looks like a fake vehicle recognition flag to me too... Bob
  2. Thanks guys, and sadly Chuck, I didn't manage to get any photos of the Imperial Saxon Awards mate... The Berlin Tech & Science Museum has no problems showing the swastikas on their various WW2 displays. Bob
  3. It all looked completed when we were there, except for a souvenir shop in the main foyer which was closed for some reason. There wasn't much WW2 stuff on display, but they did have a superb Luftwaffe complete flight Schellenbaum.... Bob Some external photos of the museum. I discovered the hard way that using the flash on my camera brought the wrath of a rather fierce looking female security officer... 🙂 Bob Some nice Imperial stuff on display too.... Bob
  4. Some photos that I took during our visit to the Dresden Army Museum in August of 2019, hopefully they are of some interest.... Best wishes Bob
  5. What a lovely set of B. & N., L. Badges John Bob I have a nice B & N L in a case.....
  6. If you are interested in the Wasserschutzpolizei cap Hartje then I really recommend you posting photos of it here for Mister Unland to look at before you purchase, there isn't much in the Polizei line that he doesn't know, and is one of the best guys to get an opinion from, he has years of experience in this field..... -Bob
  7. It was a good basic reference in its time, but far better reference material is available now, I suggest looking at the books by Dietrich Maerz (US) and see the superb selection of great references he is putting out, by some very experienced authors... (B & D Publishing). Regards Bob
  8. This lot belongs to a friend of mine, a nice cased set..... (Andrew B is the owner, and has posted these on the WAF before). Regards Bob
  9. Some history of III. Gruppe III. Gruppe: Gruppenkommandeure: Obstlt Hans Seidemann, 1.11.38 - 30.11.38 Maj Dr. Ernst Bormann, 1.1.39 - 18.7.40 Hptm Karl-Friedrich Knust, 19.7.40 - 10.40 Hptm Freiherr von Grothe, 10.40 - 12.40 Hptm Bernhard Nietsch, 12.40 - 12.41 Hptm Hermann Hogeback, 1.42 - 9.42 Hptm Hans-Günther Nedden, 1.5.43 - 25.4.44 Hptm Dieter Clemm von Hohenberg, 25.4.44 - 15.5.44 ? Formed 1.11.38 in Greifswald from III./LG Greifswald with: Stab III./LG1 from Stab III./LG 7./LG1 from 7./LG 8./LG1 from 8./LG 9./LG1 from 9./LG On 1.9.42 redesignated III./KG6: Stab III./LG1 became Stab III./KG6 7./LG1 became 7./KG6 8./LG1 became 8./KG6 9./LG1 became 9./KG6 Reformed 1.5.43 in Barth from I./KG55 with: Stab III./LG1 from Stab I./KG55 7./LG1 from 1./KG55 8./LG1 from 2./KG55 9./LG1 from 3./KG55 Disbanded 6.44. Lehrgeschwader 1 (LG 1) (Demonstration Wing 1) formerly Lehrgeschwader Greifswald was a Luftwaffe multi-purpose unit during World War II, operating fighter, bomber and dive-bomber Gruppen. The unit was formed in July 1936. The unit operated most of the prominent German aircraft during the conflict, such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109, Messerschmitt Bf 110, Dornier Do 17, Heinkel He 111, Junkers Ju 88 and Junkers Ju 87. Engagements Polish Campaign Battle of Denmark Norwegian Campaign Battle of the Netherlands Battle of Belgium Battle of France Battle of Britain German invasion of Yugoslavia Battle of Greece Battle of Crete Battle of the Mediterranean North African Campaign Eastern Front Western Front Battle of Normandy Western Allied invasion of Germany History The unit was created to control the Lehrgruppe in the Luftwaffe. Stab/LG 1 was formed in July 1936, and on 1 April 1937 the Stab Gruppe was officially created along with I.(leichte Jagd), II.(schwere Jagd), III.(Kampf) and IV.(Stuka) Gruppen.
  10. Sadly I am not the owner of any Luftwaffe standards, but I love the magnificent detail and work that goes into the making of these standards, for pure visual impact, they are hard to surpass, and I believe it was a major undertaking just to complete one standard, with a time frame of about 3 months to complete it from start to finish. The following photos are from examples that have been posted on the internet, I don't recall the names of those who posted them now, so I hope if any of the current owners see them, they may like to post more photos of these incredible works of art.... Kind regards Bob And being used..... And then captured in Berlin in 1945 and paraded in Moscow in June of that year.... Where some still survive and are on display still to this day....
  11. What a wealth of information on Ernst, a huge thank you John, it certainly makes the Pokal so much more appealing with this extra history !! Thanks again, and best wishes Bob
  12. A couple of Panzer related items that I have, and did a small photo shoot with them a little while back. The wrap around is a 2nd pattern jacket, that was from the 2nd Panzer Regiment, which became part of the 16th Panzer Division, which was basically wiped out at Stalingrad in 1943. The regimental numbers on the shoulder straps have been unpicked but easy to see where they once were. Jacket is from the Erfurt depot and dated 1937. The Oberleutnant RW style tunic was once worn by a member of Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 9... Hope the photos are presentable.... Cheers Bob "Honey, I shrunk the Panther" Shoulder strap for the Oberleutnant tunic... Early breast eagle with a high silver content.... Collar tab...
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