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Uboat clasp, opinions please

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I have an option to buy this bronze second pattern Uboat clasp. So far I like what I see but have one concern, the flat catch versus the round wire that every second pattern I have seen (not many btw) have.

All opinions are welcome. I normally do some reasearch before leaping into a purchase, but this one came up before I had a chance to hit the books.


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Al, nothing to worry about here, its a perectly legit catch. 90% of those you'll encounter have a round wire catch, but some originals do have this flat catch.

Many fakes have a flat catch, but not quite like this. Many of the better fakes have the typical round wire catch too. The material, finish, typical "zinkpest" on patches, the lettering on the reverse, everything I can see points to it being a good original piece.

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biggrin.gif thank you for the help (again)

Non text-book examples make me sweat a bit, and this being a 'rare' award just adds to my paranoia.

My next purchase was going to be an EK spange but a few recent events have changed my focus a bit. The first was completing* my KM qualification/war badge collection, and the second was going to the book store last week with a gift certificate from the wife and buying a book called "Wolf Pack, The story of the U-Boat in World War II" < great book btw, you should read it wink.gif


* Ok it may never be 'complete', but it was what I had set up as a goal.

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