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    Duc d'Angouleme


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    I am looking for what awards Louis Antoine de Bourbon Duc d'Angouleme received in addition to the ones below:

    France: Ordre du Saint Espirit

    Spain: Golden Fleece

    Russia: Order of St.Andrew

    Russia: Order of St.George 1st class

    Austria: Order of Maria Theresa Grand Cross



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    Hello John

    The duc d'Angoul?me, known after 1824 when his father became King of France as Charles X as the Dolphin was also :

    Grand Cross of the Military Order of St.Louis

    Grand Cross of the Legion of honor

    Member of the Golden Fleece (Spain)

    Grand Cross of the Order of Charles III (Spain)

    Grand Cross of the Three United Orders (Portugal)

    Member of the Order of the Black Eagle (Prussia)

    Member of the Order of the Annunciata (Sardinia)

    Member of the Order of the Crown of Rue (Saxony)

    Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Ferdinand (Sicily)

    all found in the 1828 issue of the "Almanach Royal".

    ....and possibly a few more

    Since he was a member of the Holy Spirit, he automatically was also a member of the Order of Saint Michel (les Ordres du Roi)

    Naturally most of these foreign Orders might have been "Ordres de Courteoisie" i.e. exchange awards among the Crowned Families.

    I hope this helps. Best regards


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