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    Imperial German Iron Cross gate decoration?

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    Hello Fellows,

    Anyone who has viewed my past few posts can see that I have quite a few medals with the WRONG ribbons! That's what happens when you go outside of your usual area of collecting. On the other hand I now have an interest in Imperial German medals so the trade that involved my new items was not a total loss.

    Here is something that has been gathering dust for about 20 years in my collection. It looked "Imperial" and that is why I bought it, but I really don't know what it is. I suspect it is for a gate post as the ring at the top looks like a chain link that you whould attach another chain to in order to keep vehicles out. I would imagine it would be mounted with the "chain link" to the side and not the top which is how I have always displayed it.

    It is cast iron, 7 inches tall and 3/4 inches thick. The base is threaded and there are two holes drilled in the base which I would think are there for moisture drainage. It looks too new to be a war trophy and I doubt it is actually even related to Imperial Germany. Has any of the members seen anything like this? It looks really good with my new Imperial German collection (especially the ones with the correct ribbions). :lol:

    Cheers :cheers:


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