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I cannot see a generic sub forum to post this on so i shall out it here

this is a document approving a former 3rd reich policeman to keep peacekeeping duties while under occupation. what makes this special is the two stamps!! - I had never seen one of these until i snagged this


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I'm not getting anything out of the signature, which is a "scribble" issue rather than any (none) question of originality.

ohmy.gif VERY weird to see a post-surrender TEXT changed stamp that still used the full eagle and swastika, and then had the swastika inked over rather than chipped off the original stamp.

The scribble is puzzling because I can't recall seeing ANY such ALLIED designation for a demobilized but not yet disarmed Wehrmacht command like this in a Luftwaffe general's biographical entry, only the naval "German Mine Sweeping Administration." VERY interesting item from the weird summer of Year Zero. beer.gif

Here is another thread with an ALLIED designation for a Wehrmacht formation that was NOT listed in the Luftwaffe general's official service biography:


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