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    The British, Austrian, Russian, Belgian & Japanese flags - some of these countries were of course the enemy of Britain as of August 4th 1914, although declarations of war between some countries had started as early as 28th July.

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    Typed August 5th instead of 4th.
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    :jumping: WOW!!! That's a real BEAUTY!!! :jumping: What a GREAT find :cheers:

    :beer: Doc

    Ta, I got it some years ago, it lives in a box tho' it should be on display (I think I could get this one past the wife & onta a wall somewhere unobtrusive 'cos it's pretty), I came across the photos so I thought I'd post them.

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    Well . . . of Europeans over China. Depends who "good" and "evil" are in that interaction?

    Chinas flag is illustrated along with those of the other nations, so I don't know whether China is represented by both bird & dragon?

    Whatever the politics of the situation, the bird & dragon still presumably represent the triumph of good over evil, the internationals over China, whatever.

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