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    'Parts' daggers

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    Most of the bigger dagger makers used thier own in-house made parts to make their daggers,while the smaller makers bought their parts from the big boys.These smaller makers generally used parts consistantly from certain makers,but daggers show up with parts from several different makers,which they didn't normaly deal with.These are the so-called 'parts' daggers.Were they made late in the war,when parts were harder to obtain,or were they made from left over parts after the war ended by employees trying to make some money to live on?Were some made by G.I.'s from parts they found in Solingen?Or were some made in the 60's(for example) by some dealers that had a lot of parts from variuos sources?Or were they made by dealers from several daggers,using the better parts,and scrapping the rest?

    I think all of the above.Here's a Buchel I have with a hi-lift Alcoso crossguard that I consider to be a 'parts' dagger.

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