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    Polish Prime Minister & Chairman of PSP

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    I have a few documents to Mr Edward Osobka-Morawski & his wife, Mrs Wisla Osobka-Morawski.

    The following has been explained to me by the gentleman who obtained these documents for me, I do not wish to make assertations that may offend anybody or start any kind of political discussion or argument, I simply repeat what I was told & accept that I have no knowledge of the Polish politics of the time:

    After WWII Mr Osobka-Morawski was the Chairman of the Polish Socialist Party.

    Communists from Stalin's Polish Workers Party allied with the PSP, & Edward Osobka-Morawski became the first post war Prime Minister of Poland.

    Because of this, it was not obvious that the communists had taken power.

    In 1948 the communists forced the PSP to unite with the PWP, thereby creating the Polish United Workers Party which was completely dependent on the Soviet Communist Party.

    These are two receipts for Mr Osobka-Morawski's membership fees to the Polish Socialist Party, one for 1946, the other for 1947.

    Here's the one for 1946:

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