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Freedom of Nairobi

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I am doing some research regarding the Royal Irish Fusiliers during the 1956-57 campaign in Kenya and have come across a few references to the regiment receiving the "Freedom of Nairobi in perpetuity" ( "the first and so far the only time that a British Regiment has been so honoured by a colonial city"). I tried a google search and a search of some medal dealer site and did not turn up anything helpful. Is this a medal, certificate or some other type of award.

Thank you in advance.


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I wonder if it's like awarding a unit "Freedom of the City"

The tradition of granting Freedom of the City to a military unit goes back more than three centuries, when the inhabitants of British towns regarded their own soldiers as a threat to their civic rights. Once in a while though, troops were allowed through the city gates, but only after the commander gave assurances of good behaviour.

Today, the Freedom of the City means simply the granting of the privilege for a military unit to march through the city with "drums beating, colours flying, and bayonets fixed."

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