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Non Commercial Use of Images

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I did'nt know where to put this question, but I thought it would be here at its best.

Some of the members of this forum I have already asked in person and received permission. But it is an immence work to go by each member and ask. Often I shall do so, but I would like to pop this question also in this way to try and get help.

For a non-commercial project of the Dutch World War 2 historical foundation STIWOT, the website WW2 Awards we are always in search for images, information and texts to use. Information and texst is not such a problem because it is always permitted to use info in ones own words. But is would be a great help to be able to place texts one to one on our website. But specially we can use lots of images. It would be a great help when you can agree me using images from you that are placed on this forum. We always state the source, so pleace also tell me how your name should be stated for the source.

If you can agree with us using texts and images straight from this forum, please inform me by Message or in this thread. It would be a great help.

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You are welcome to use anything that I post here, or which is on my Medals of the World website. A link to my website will suffice as acknowledgement of source.

Thanks Megan any help is welcome. It was a long time ago, but we had already received permission to use medals from the website Medals of the World (I believe it was over two years ago we had contact with the webmaster). When I find a usable image on the forum I shall place the link to your website as the source. (By the way feel free to use any from our website too when you mis any, with a link to the website for the source please).

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Yes, I do recall your asking... and there are a couple of my images on your site. Must put a link to it from my General Links list (perhaps country specific ones once you have a bit more substance to the different sections).

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