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    Current Romanian Camo Uniform item & Folding Spade.

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    Hallo Gents :beer:

    while wandering around a Car Market in Soimus about 5 km from Deva, I came across these items:

    Romanian Army Camo Combat Jacket c/w button in liner and hood in the collar. (Never issued). :jumping:

    The jacket is mid-thigh length, with a cord sewn into the waist and with a liner held in place by 21 buttons.

    The jacket has two upper pockets, openengs for these are on the side of the pocket not the tops.

    Two lower pockets have a slanted opening with no flap.

    Access to the hood is via a 13cm zip set in between the shoulders, the hood is quite large.

    On the shoulders two eppulates with black metal buttons, on the waist two more straps with black metal buttons to hold the webbing in place, (apart from these all the other buttons are green plastic.)

    I believe the jacket to be for cold weather wear when the liner is in, there is a strange double triangular piece, in camo material sewn to the top right inner, a storm flap ? There is inserted inside the sleeves of the liner an elasticated wrist to prevent cold air going in or hot air escaping.

    The jacket is made of cotton, and probably offers little wet protection.

    More detailed pictures to follow.

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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    One of the two Webbing retaining straps. The button is the upper part, leaving the belt to rest mainly on the cloth strap (still a lot of weight put on the sewn button fixing point.) Might have been an idea to have had two more located between these and the centre point of the back area to spread the load more.

    Behind this can be seen the the area where the waist tape is located.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    With regards the Romanian Camo Jacket,

    I forgot to mention it seems to be made in Cotton, button up front, tape in the hood, tape in the waist, tapes in the wrists,

    Elastic cord probably would have been more useful :P

    Kevin in Deva :D

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    Here I will have to add two pictures from the internet as I have none of these particular variations in my collection as of yet.

    British Style Europe Scheme, it has to be confirmed wether the Romanian intially bought the material from Britain and made there own uniforms,or if the uniforms were made in the U.K.

    and British Desert Style for Romanian (photo: Romanian Medical Personel in Iraq) and Afganistan. this is a Variation of the British Style and not identical to the U.K. issue.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

    Edited by Kev in Deva
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    Great photos. Always like to see cammo stuff. I thought you said you didn't collect uniforms. Just medals!



    Hallo Gordon,

    I dont as a rule, :D but I have to raise some spending money for medals and I usually sell the Camo and (dress) uniforms, to raise funds.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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