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  1. FOR VALOUR, When you say "badge" are you referring to cap badge? The prongs on the back would indicate that sort of use to me. We still don't know what kind of help you are asking for. You say its original so that can not be the question. What exactly are your questions about this "badge"?
  2. Looking forward to this issue. Always looking for good reference material on Ethiopian medals, awards. Regards, Gordon
  3. Gentlemen, I have an early Montenegro Silver Bravery Medal with the original ribbon. It appears to be an early type. It has two punch marks on the rim. I have looked at silver and tax stamps from Austria and France but I unable to identify either either of the two stamps on my medal. Perhaps someone here can identify them for me. Regards, Gordon
  4. Owain, Interesting medal groups. Especially the second set. Good luck in hunting up the ribbons you need to mount your medals correctly. Be interesting to see them again once they are mounted. Regards, Gordon
  5. Always nice to get a cased set. Thanks for posting the pictures. Regards, Gordon
  6. ralstona, Here are a couple of pictures of the navy section of the HGM in Viena. There are some frock coats in the pictures. You might want to send pictures of your frock coat to the HGM and see what they have to say about it. Unlike most museums the HGM has always responded to my questions. Regards, Gordon
  7. Gentlemen, I learn something new everyday. Regards, Gordon
  8. nickstrenk, Nice looking cased badges. Thanks for posting them. Regards, Gordon
  9. ralstona, While these buttons were made in A H they don't look like buttons of the uniforms worn by A H troops. The Hungarian crown has a bent cross on the top. The Austrian buttons, in this shape, usually had the Austrian emblem on the front. I've put a picture of Hungarian buttons below and a link to a thread I started on the GMIC some years ago. That being said, uniforms worn by the A H navy are not something that I have studied so putting this coat on the correct forum might get you the answer that you are seeking. Regards, Gordon
  10. TPinFL, Welcome to the forum. Hopefully, you will gather the uniform information that you need here. Another place you might be interested in looking for information of the=is kind is the DDR subforum on the Wehrmacht Awards Forum (WAF). Don't let the title WAF scare you off. There are some very knowledgeable DDR uniform members on this DDR sub forum. Good luck in building your uniform collection. You might wish to research books in this area as well. There are some good ones in English and German. Regards, Gordon
  11. Spasm, Thanks for your work on this picture. It does look more normal with the medal on the left. It will make an interesting research project looking at it this way. Regards, Gordon
  12. Nice looking medals. I don't know much about these awards. I'll have to do some research while I wait for you to post them in the for sale section. Regards, Gordon
  13. Would it be possible to send me the image of the cross (front and back) at higher resolution and tell me the measurements?
    I would like to use it, with your permission, in my monograph on the Order of Military Merit, since it is a variant that I do not have included
    Thank you
    Antonio Prieto

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    2. Antonio Prieto

      Antonio Prieto

      Monograph, a work and srudy about the order


      Legislative compendium of spanish ODM




    3. Gordon Craig

      Gordon Craig


      Thanks for explanation.  It was suggested to me that I buy a copy of your mongraph.  How do I do that?




    4. Antonio Prieto

      Antonio Prieto

      COMPENDIO LEGISLATIVO DE ÓRDENES, MEDALLAS Y CONDECORACIONES, Antonio Prieto Barrio Interactive USB with rules of the Spanish Orders, Medals and Decorations, update 4.2020 Navigation pages in English and French. More of 9000 pages in 165 files. Hundreds of images, variations, etc. USB WITH REGISTERED POSTAGE INCLUDE FOR EUROPA: 47,00 EUROS USB WITH REGISTERED POSTAGE INCLUDE FOR WORLWIDE: 48,00 EUROS



  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, A question about the silver cross in the Order of Military Merit. Not much info on these on the web. So far, I have found one reference that says the silver cross was added during the First Republic in 1873/74 time period for award to enlisted men. Almost all of the silver crosses that I have seen are all silver without any enamel. I have a silver cross, dated "1 JUL 98" for the battle of El Caney in Cuba during the Spanish American war. It is the only silver cross that I have ever seen with the enamel crest in the centre. Usually the crest is just silver. Is this a high grade cross? Say possibly for an NCO rather than a private? Or is it a private purchase piece? I've posted picture of my cross with the enamel centre and a cross that is all silver for comparison purposes. I'd appreciate any reference information about these silver crosses that you can supply, Regards, Gordon
  15. Richard S. Nice award, document and thread. There is an interesting posting on WIKI on the town of Diósgyőr and the factory your medal was issued for. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diósgyőr I'll have to post some of my awards and documents. They have lain dormant since the Hungarian sub forum was closed. Regards, Gordon
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