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  1. numis, As my friend mentioned in his response to me, he has a copy of the book "La Croix de Saint-Louis en Canada" and I will see if he will lend it to me as your questions are also of interest to me. The club we both belong to hasn't met in person in several months so getting access to the book could be difficult. Whether it contains information to what French officers received this award or not I can not say until I have had a look at the book. Since the book is in French and my abilities in French are limited this could be a long time sorting out. Chris McCreery's book THE ORD
  2. numis, I have asked a friend who is a Colonel at the Canadian Military Directorate of History and Heritage about your question and he has responded with an interesting reply as below; Yes, France awarded the Royal Military Order of St. Louis Aka La Croix de Saint-Louis to recognize distinguished service in New France, to Frenchmen serving here but also to almost 200 ‘Canadiens’ born here. It is mentioned in our 2012 book on the Order of Military Merit, in The early history as an antecedent. There is a book on the topic: ‘La Croix de Saint-Louis en Canada’ by Aegidius Fauteux, 1940. I
  3. Numis, There were awards available to French citizens in the period that you are interested in. If any were awarded to residents of what is noow Canada is unknown to me. What existed of my country in this period was referred to as New France and there doesn't seem to be much information in the Library and Archives Canada on medals awarded in this period but to start your search here is a list of French regiments in New France at that time. https://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/Pages/new-france.aspx There were also militia units raised from the residents of New Franc
  4. Peter, Thanks for starting this thread and to 1812 Overture for translating it. I bid on one of the bronze medals issued to the survivors last month but it went too high for me. An interesting and little known part of WWI. Particularly to Canadians as many members of the Chinese Labour Corps were sent through Canada hidden in sealed trains on their way to France Regards, Gordon
  5. Shots David, There is no need to wait for the pandemic to end to research your South African medal. I have researched a number of mine recently using dewald@antiques.co.za . He is very reasonable in his prices and is quick in his response with the results. Good luck in your research. I'd like to add a medal with the commendation to my collection. Regards, Gordon
  6. Plum74, The whole bar doesn't make mush sense. I'll let you work out why. Good experience for you if you are going to buy DDR uniforms. Perhaps a good book on uniforms and medals would be the next step? If you want comments on these uniforms, and on the medal bars on each one, I would suggest that you post each one separately and include the pocket labels. Regards, Gordon
  7. Plum74, The ribbon with airplane on it is the Medaille fur treue Dienste in der zivilien Luftfahrt. I woldn't expect this ribbon bar to be found in wear on this tunic. The two bars on the ribbon indicates the wearer had between ten and fifteen years as a civilian pilot. Regards, Gordon
  8. Oscar Szwec, A number of these bars with a large number of awards have appeared over the years and unless they come directly from a known source with proven provenance are of recent production. I would tend to leave these alone. Regards, Gordon
  9. 1812 Overture, Thanks your comments. Regards, Gordon
  10. Michael R. Here is another link from the same person about this radio and its use including war time pictures of it in use. Regards, Gordon http://www.la6nca.net/tysk2/lispr/index.htm
  11. Michael R, This appears to be a pouch for part of an LA6NCA radio, specifically for a LiSpr 80. I write up on this radio is available at the link below. The date on the article dates this radio from 1940. I've posted some info from the article so that your thread is complete and in case the article itself should disappear. This is a 2-way audio communication equipment. The signal is transferred on a light beam from a 5-watt bulb. The light beam is modulated with a light phase modulator. The light beam is AM-modulate
  12. Tupper, These screw nuts probably predate the BRD and DDR era. Prawena has been in the badge making business for a long time. I can not say off hand exactly which badge they could belong to. Perhaps someone else, such as Nico, can add some more ideas. Regards, Gordon
  13. Gentlemen, I could use some help with reading what it says on the back of this postcard. Regards, Gordon
  14. glengenie The medal rolls for the CLC medal are not on line but the thread will tell you were they can be found. https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/198022-chinese-labour-corps-medal-entitlements-reasearch/ Regards, Gordon
  15. glengennie, Try here for some tips to tell a fake from a real Bronze medal to the CLC. I have a link to a list of members of the CLC lining their name to the number on the medal. I'll have a look for it https://www.medalsofengland.com/medals.php?id=174&medalid=1842 Regards, Gordon
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