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  1. If you post a picture of your medal perhaps we could help. Regards, Gordon
  2. Lubos, Welcome to the GMIC. Interesting and rare badge you have shown here. I have a number of badges from German Labour/Guard units but not this particular one. Thanks for showing us the breast and arm badges for the 4091. Regards, Gordon
  3. Wessel Gordon, Would you please post clearer picture of the obverse of these awards and of the reverse of these awards. Are these awards all authentic? There are lots of copies of the Medal of Honour, and the VC, for sale on the net lately. Regards, Gordon
  4. Gentlemen, In researching this medal I often saw a reference to a lighter coloured medal and a darker coloured medal. A couple of days ago I added one of the darker coloured medals to my collection and when comparing the two medals it became obvious that they were not produced using the same dies. The first thing to catch my eye was the different attachment point for the suspension ring. They are quite different in design. My first though was that there were two different manufacturers of these medals. Or perhaps one manufacturer with two sets of dies. Can any one shed some light on the number of manufacturers/ dies etc. and time period for each medal? Regards, Gordon
  5. This soldier is holding the leather flare cartridge holder. Regards, Gordon
  6. peron, Perhaps if you contact this veterans organization they might be able to help you. Regards, Gordon https://www.awardmedals.com/normandy-campaign-medal
  7. John, I believe that there are no more notifications being sent. When you log on you are informed of posts made on threads that you are following. Regards, Gordon
  8. LFI, Please try this forum. Regards, Gordon Germany: Third Reich: Uniforms, Headwear, Insignia & Equipment
  9. LFI, Still no pictures. Also, this is a first war forum and to identify what sounds like a WWII artifact you should post these pictures on that forum. Regards, Gordon
  10. Alan329, Always difficult to comment on items in a picture. But I will make one anyway. One of the horizontal arms of the frame of the cross on the right, as viewed by me, seems to be shorter than the other three. Or is that just the photograph? Regards, Gordon
  11. Alex K, Nice awards. Thanks for showing us pictures of them. Regards, Gordon
  12. Brig, I would suggest that you contact the owner of this site and ask if he recognizes your badge. Looks Austrian to me. Regards, Gordon https://polizeiabzeichen.jimdo.com/
  13. Brig, Now what would a member of the HJ be doing wearing a Levente medal? Wonders never cease. Thanks for posting the picture. Regards, Gordon
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