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    1. WJT, Thanks for the good, clear images of the makers mark. As Farkas says, a well known mark of an Austrian maker. Regards, Gordon
    2. Interesting listing of Japanese nurses who had been awarded the Florence Nightingale medal. Thanks for posting them. I have bid on a Florence Nightingale medal a few times but never successfully. Regards, Gordon
    3. WJT, It looks good to me. A close up of the makers mark would be appreciated. Here is a link to one sold by emedlas for comparison https://www.emedals.com/products/wwi-austrian-artillery-qualification-badge-eu5182 Regards, Gordon
    4. David, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. At the price of todays medals, especially if you deal with places like Noonan, Spink and Morton and Eden, knowledge can be the most valuable of tools and the price for knowledge is miniscule in comparison. I hope that you are able to find the information that you are seeking at a location that suits your means. Regards, Gordon
    5. Tony, By all means do share my picture. Any answer to my questions would be very welcome. Some of these medals were issued to individuals and other to firms and it would be good to know what I have here. Thanks for your offer to help. I am not on twitter. Regards, Gordon
    6. FOR VALOUR, Membership in the OMRS is not an unusual request to access our records. Membership is not expensive and has many rewards. Regards, Gordon OMRS member #7808
    7. No one, Thanks for drawing my attention to this, and other sources, on nurses from Japan serving in WWI. I will read it with interest. I have a small collection of Japanese medals, several from the Japanese Red Cross, and I find this thread very interesting. Regards, Gordon
    8. Interesting story on a nurse/s in Vietnam. Collecting articles to nurses is one of my main focuses. Not just military nurses but nurses in general who served in hospitals for the war wounded. Regards, Gordon
    9. No one, Interesting story on this medal. Good work in tracing the error of attribution to Chiang Kai Shek. Regards, Gordon
    10. archie777, Nice award but this is the forum to ask for help. Do you have a problem that we can help you with? Or did you post this in the wrong area? Regards, Gordon
    11. Pierre73, I have numerous documents on a variety of paper weights but I have never seen one on "tissue" paper. Is the picture that started this thread made from what you refer to as "tissue" paper? Regards, Gordon
    12. No one, Not necessarily. To be awarded the 39-45 Star "A recipient in the army, navy, and merchant marine had to have served 180 days afloat or on land in an operational area. For air crew and airborne soldiers, it was 60 days." The CD was not authorzied until 1946 and not issued until 1951 so this ribbon bar is post the issue date of the CD. Regards, Gordon
    13. Duncan, Sally Boselys site lists this as "an official issue number". This is outside my main collecting area so I can not vouch for that comment. Regards, Gordon https://www.sallybosleysbadgeshop.com/shop.php?code=65363
    14. Philip.S, Your welcome. Glad that you liked them. Regards, Gordon
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