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  1. Laurentius, Possibly a cap badge for the sailing club? Regards, Gordon
  2. leninde, Your welcome. Always interesting to have less known subjects on the forum. Regards, Gordon
  3. LiLnuke, Yes your Grandfather would have had the EKII for 1939. Order of award for the EK did not change in WWII although there were more grades of the award available in WWII. Regards, Gordon
  4. Hi, If you haven't visited this thread before it might be helpful to you. Regards, Gordon https://www.britishbadgeforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31698
  5. TacHel, Translated from AUSZEICHNUNGEN DER NATIONALEN VOLKSARMEE DER DDR by Klaus H. Feder and Uta Feder Medal for merit in reservist work On 28 May 1985, Minister of National Defense of the GDR Army General H. Hoffmann, issued Order No. 030/9/015 on the basis of the decision of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the SED “Measures to prepare and implement the 30th anniversary of the NVA” about the foundation and award of the medal for merit in reserve work. This came into force on June 1, 1985. With this, the medal for merits in reservist work was donated as an
  6. Hendrik, Thanks for your response. So the Dien Bein Phu medal is unofficial. Do you have any background information on it? I assume it was some veterans organization that had it produced? Regards, Gordon
  7. Gentlemen, In researching the battle of Dien Bien Phu I have found an Indochina Campaign Commemorative Medal with a bar for DIEN BIEN PHU and a bar for LEGION ENTRANGERE. Was there a bar for DIEN BIEN PHU or a LEGION ETRANGERE? Were any bars worn on the Indochina medal? Regards, Gordon
  8. Good Morning, Interesting picture. Too bad someone else hasn't made a post to answer your question. I'm not an expert on the EK 1 1914 but I checked all of the 1914 crosses that I own and they all have an open 4. Here is the cross that I have, with a clam shell back, that I have always considered to be a copy because of the ridge around the clam shell. It is quite well made and of three piece construction. But the silver on the edges of the cross has never tarnished in the 20 years that I have owned it but has started to peal off. It has an open 4. Good luck in your search for an a
  9. GreyC, From the hat I would guess from the USA. Regards, Gordon
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1942_Modelo_Z This link will give you a little more info on the helmet. Also, a picture with the parade emblem in place. The helmet that you posted pictures of is in poor condition. These helmets are not hard to find in very good condition and are not expensive. Regards, Gordon
  11. Graf, It has been my understanding for years that these crosses that have a ridge around the edge of the clam shell back are fake. Here is a picture of one from emdals that does not have a ridge around the edge of the clam shell back. I am not making any comments on the authenticity of the emdals cross. Just using it for comparison purposes. Regards, Gordon
  12. Linasl, It is the royal crown. Regards, Gordon
  13. Just to add some English to this thread "Order of Shutskor 1st Class with the image of the corps emblem". Regards, Gordon
  14. Edward, I'm not sure that Jens Z is talking about the same person as you are. Karl-Heinz Moehle does not appear in Franz Kurowski's book "Verleugnete Vaterschat - Wehrmachtoffiziere schufen die Bundeswehr". This book contains a list of all Knights Cross holders that joined the Bundeswehr. Regards, Gordon
  15. Kasle, Good looking cross. Probably an early one. For a better opinion I would suggest that you visit the Wehrmacht Awards Forum where you will find a sub forum dedicated to 57 type awards. Regards, Gordon
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