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    Japanese ww2 sword


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    Sword brought back from Singapore after the war by a late friend of mine. As he was an officer he

    had the pick of booty that was confiscated from the Japanese at one of the collection points so

    he brought back this piece.

    Nothing to special, from what I have been told it's a Showa WW2 produced sword.

    user posted image

    user posted image

    user posted image

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    Guest Darrell

    Very nice indeed. Love Japanese swords. Been toying with the idea of buying a Naval one but too dodgy at the moment with forthcoming legislation making them illegal up here.

    illegal to own a sword? Geez .. that sux ... ohmy.gif

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    illegal to own a sword?? Geez .. that sux ...? ohmy.gif

    Yes there is legislation being prepared at the moment to make Swords illegal with "Samurai" swords being particularly targetted. Brought about by idiots who buy these cheap imitation Japanese swords sharpen them up and run amok with them. Not sure of the full details but they may introduce a licensing system as they have for firearms.


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    I'm going to be out in Singapore next month and have been on the look out for ww2

    war booty but now have 2nd thoughts on bringing anything like swords back with

    all this tightened security at airports.

    I'm also going to check out a Japanese war cemetery in Malaysia while I?m there. It seems some of the old Japanese victory monuments have been dumped in the cemetery grounds as well. I?ll try and get some pics for the forum.

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