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    Here are some War of 1812 artifacts in my possession.

    At the top are some splinters of wood from H.M.S Nancy, sunk in the Nottawasaga River. I found this at a flea market along with lots of other period items also mounted and labelled on cardboard. The man enlisted in the 119th Algoma Bn. C.E.F. and served in France in the 52nd Bn. He also brought home a piece of aluminum form a German airplane (also in my collection are this peice and his badges - regrettably I have lost the piece of paper with his name on it.). The Nancy's remains were found just prior to 1914, and no attempt was made to protect them for several years. He was in the area, so I accept this at face value.

    Below are buttons from the 89th and 41st Regiments - both heavily engaged in the war. tHE 89th lacks its shank, so is a lost button. The 41st is complete.

    Finally a Brown Bess lock, which was alleged to have been recovered from the battlefield at Lundy's Lane 1814. This was one of the larger battles of the war, and as it was summertime, the dead were cremated. Perhaps a broken musket was thrown on the fire as well.

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    Collectors still turn up a fair amount, especially now with metal detectors (although much of the area is public parkland, and digging is streng verboten. We're not even allowed to dig firepits when the Scouts are at Fort George.

    When I bought the musket lock there were several boxes of assorted metal recovered from the Niagara area in earlier years, probably before forts like Fort George and Fort Erie were restored. The latter has cases full of twisted bayonets, as the assaulting party was caught when a magazine blew up.

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