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    HJ Knife information please

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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about what year this knife was made. The knife has a maker mark of two cranes looking at each other then under this is Robt Klauss. Then under the name is what looks like the words gestz and geshutzt.According to the book "Collecting The Edged Weapons Of The Third Riech" by LTC Thomas M Jonson (and this is a direct quote) "It should be noted that the blade motto only appeared on these knives manufactured between 1933 and August 1938". (I had to specify the exact quote due to being flamed on a differnt thread for just giving a quick over view of what I read in a book) So I'am thinking the knife was made in the late 30s but I'am not sure. The knife has also been sharpened more then once. But whoever did the sharpening was careful not to mess up the motto on the blade.

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    I would say it is pre 36, being as it has a motto, no ricasso and no RZM stamp.

    Thank you for the information, and I have a question about the construction of the knife. The book ststes that these knifes were nickel plated, but this knife seems to be polished steel. Were these knifes only made with plated nickle alloy? the book is kind of vague in it's description of these knifes. Here is a clearer picture

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