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    An Oberstleutnant's Mini Chain circa 1895

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    Guest Rick Research

    Posting this for my friend Bernd. The combination looks legit (for a change!) and unscrewed with to me. Can anybody with a Rank List from 1890ish or before find him? I would think the three 1870 awards would probably catch him quicker, closer back to that date, and then followed to this point, at which he must have retired:

    1) 1870 EK2 with 1895 jubilee oakleaves (no 1897 Centenary Medal, dating this group 1895-1897)

    2) Red Eagle Order 4th Class

    3) Crown Order 3rd Class (classic Oberstleutnant awards)

    4) Prussian XXV Years Service Cross

    5) Principality of Hohenzollern Honor Cross 3X for 1870

    6) Principality of Hohenzollern Honor Cross 2 (now THAT should prove a distinctive pair!)

    7) 1870-71 War Medal

    8) 1866 War Cross

    9) Bavarian Military Merit Order (Cross?) with Xs for 1870

    10) Baden Z?hringen Lion Knight 1st With Oakleaves (again, classic Oberstleutnant) unfortunately tiny green crystals missing (though more than compensated for by the Hohenzollern and Bavarian minis)

    11) Belgian Order of Leopold (another one that should be an odd one to find)

    More or less fronts and backs

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    I looked in all the likely suspect places (FR 40, 2GDR, 1GRzF, General Staff, applicable brigade and division staffs, etc.) and found no matches in the 1883, 1888, 1892, 1893 and 1896 ranklists. I don't have any earlier ones, except 1823, 1824, 1843, 1844 and 1846. I can get the 1870s ones from the NY Public Library, though.

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