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  1. Hptm W. Würtz is Went from IR 148. The "Hptm Hoffmann from Bromberg" is Alfred Paul Christian Hoffmann, *11.2.1883 in Posen, †5.4.1946 in Berlin-Dahlem. He was born in Posen, his father was a Rechnungsrat in Bromberg. He was an Oberleutnant in IR 21, promoted to Hauptmann on 10.10.14, commanded to the General Staff, retained in the Reichswehr, promoted to Major with an RDA of 1.4.25* and to Oberstleutnant on 1.2.30. In the 1932 ranklist, he was commander of the 3.Nachrichten-Abteilung and was retired as an Oberstleutnant at some point after that. If he was in the Wehrmacht, I have not com
  2. Regarding W. Heck, there is a Lt.d.R. Wilhelm Heck who received the ÖM3K with RIR 265. I have nothing further on him or any other W. Hecks. No Hecks from Gr. Czyste in the Verlustlisten and no Hecks in RIR 265 there. The name is almost entirely found along the Rhine and Main rivers and nearby communities, not in West Prussia.
  3. Regarding Kurt Lange, apparently they got the rank wrong. Then-Leutnant, later Generalmajor, Kurt Lange's father was Geheimer Justizrat Paul Lange in Deutsch Krone, later in Ballenstedt am Harz.
  4. A bit more on Egger Rasmuß: Rasmuß, Johann Egger *30.11.1885 in Altona †10.10.1966 in Gettorf Rasmuß was promoted to Dr.jur. by the University of Jena on 7.8.1913 and was a Referendar in Kiel when the war began. He was still a Rechtsanwalt in Kiel in the 1941 Kiel Fernsprechbuch. He was commissioned a Lt.d.R. in FAR 26 on 20.2.12 and was promoted to OLt.d.R. on 18.6.17 with a Patent of 15.6.17. Gettorf is a village northwest of Kiel. ------- Regarding the later Oberst Johannes Leistikow, as the obituary notes, his father was a doctor. What is a bit weird is that Ge
  5. Zenke is Karl, according to the Stettin Adreßbuch. He may be the Zenke promoted to Lt.d.R. (I Berlin) in RIR 201 on 2.9.1915. The only other Zenke I found in the Militär-Wochenblatt was Lt.d.R. Walter Zenke, who was killed in action shortly after being promoted to Lt.d.R. in IR 172.
  6. The Hauptmann from IR 81 was Hans Christian Friedrich Ferdinand Gustav Eduard Külp, *12.8.1885 in Cassel, †27.3.1963 in Hailer, Gelnhausen. Promoted to Hauptmann on 24.12.14. Carl-Leo Külp was born on 7.11.1885 in Bessungen, Darmstadt, and was living in Darmstadt after the war. He received the BZ3bX in 1914. He had a son who was killed in action in World War II as an Oberleutnant. Franz Arthur Külp was born on 11.4.1879 in Eberbach in Baden. He was in the field with RIR 118 before going to the Fliegertruppen. The SA3aX and SS3a mentioned in the Eberbacher Geschichtsblätter can be co
  7. This one bothers me. There were three Leutnants der Reserve Weil in the 1914 Prussian Army rank list, one each from FR 80, IR 83 and IR 143. There was one Bavarian Leutnant der Reserve, Oskar Weil from the 5.FAR. No Saxon that I know of. Paul Weil from IR 143 was killed in action in 1914. Something happened to Oskar Weil, who was a Gerichtsassessor in Wiesbaden, by Fleury on 12.9.1914 and he was in the hospital and the Ersatz-Abteilung until being retired as a Lt.d.R.a.D. on 21.2.16. Alfred Weil from IR 83 was commanded to the Fliegertruppe and was taken prisoner in 1916.
  8. Friedrich Richard v. Canstein was not a Freiherr, or at least was not elevated to one until after 1938 at least. He is in the Taschenbuch der uradeligen Häuser under the house of "Rabe von Canstein", from which the Freiherr lines did originate. There he was listed as a Leutnant der Reserve in Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 9. He is listed in the Militär-Wochenblatt as "v. Canstein" (no "Rabe" or "Frhr."), promoted to Leutnant der Reserve der Fußartillerie (I Cöln) on 25 May 1916, at the time in Fußartillerie-Batterie Nr. 249. Fußa.Bttr. 249 was in fact a Tochterformation of FußAR 9. He was
  9. Rowehl was a native of Oldenburg, so he probably had the Friedrich August Cross. The picture is too fuzzy to read the ribbon bar.
  10. He died on 10 June 1953 in Weende, Göttingen. He is in the 1937 Stellenbesetzung as a Hauptmann (E) with an RDA of 1.11.1933 and in the 1939 Dienstaltersliste as a Major (E) with an RDA of 1.4.1938, in both cases assigned to the staff WBK Göttingen. He does not have a personnel file in the captured German military records in the National Archives, so he was not an active army officer in 1945. He is not in DeZeng & Stankey's collection of Luftwaffe officers, so he apparently did not transfer there, so I have no idea what he did during the war. As an E-officer, he would have rece
  11. Tilgner, Louis Adolf Felix * 16.1.1881 in Breslau Oberbuchwald was in the reporting area for Sprottau, so he was possibly the Vizewachtmeister Tilgner in the Res.Inf.Mun.Kol. 14 of the V. Reservekorps who was promoted to Lt.d.L.-Felda. I (Sprottau) on 14.1.1916. However, an HOH3X for field artillery support officer seems uncommon, so he may have been the Vizefeldwebel Tilgner promoted to Lt.d.L.-Inf. I (I Breslau) on 13.5.1918. That Tilgner, however, received the Saxe-Meiningen Medal for Merit in War in 1915, which may simply have been omitted from the death notice.
  12. Hertel, Karl Theodor *25.4.1890 in Endingen, Baden †14.10.1965 in Wiesbaden He was wounded in 1914 as a Vfw.d.R. in RIR 40, in 1915 as a Lt.d.R. in LIR 11, and for a third time in 1918. He was promoted to Lt.d.R. in RIR 40 on 16.11.1914. His Rufname does appear to be Karl, but he is in the Zähringen Lion roll as "Theod. Karl", a Lt.d.R. of GR 110, at the time in RIR 51.
  13. Harry Nadrowski was an Oberst and Feldkommandant in World War II. His HOH3X was awarded on 15.10.1918, so there was about a month and half between the award and it being published in Die Presse. Due to the revolution, it was apparently not published in the Militär-Wochenblatt or Prussian Staatsanzeiger, but I found the date in his HPA personnel file. Born in 1888, he was living in Frankfurt am Main after World War II, but I haven't found a date of death.
  14. Loeb, Friedrich "Fritz" Matthias * 26.3.1893 in Trier † 18.8.1975 in Frankfurt am Main He was a Lt.d.R. in Infanterie-Regiment "von Horn" Nr. 29, serving in the MG-Kompagnie, later 2. MG-Kompagnie, and was wounded three times. He was not a member of the IR 29 Offizier-Vereinigung in the 1931 membership list, and of course as a Jew would not have been permitted to be a member at the time of the 1939 list. These are the only membership lists I have, and I do not have the regimental history, so I do not know if he is mentioned there. After World War I, he was a Kaufmann, initially i
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