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    Hess Verlag - preprinted documents - a listing project

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    Some of you have award documents, flight logs, etc .... and whatever printed stuff from the named printer;

    Hess Verlag - Braunschweig-M?nchen

    As i am a Luftwaffe collector (more specified glider related material) i have found that the following numbers are found:

    Lager nr. 133 : Segelflugbuch (glider planes)

    Lager nr. 134 : Flugbuch (motorized planes)

    Both are Luftwaffe related.

    The indication, Lager nr. does point towards a very large ammount of preprinted documents and a well organized company who did a lot of work for the military.

    I would be very interested to gather a insight in wich other preprinted documents from this company ar eknown, as well as the representing Lager nr.

    So please add whatever you can, i will browse through my collection in order to see iff i can find more of this company as i am certain that award documents are also known and into teh collection.

    Cordial greetings,

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