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Spain - Spanish collar badges

Paul L Murphy

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I picked up two sets of Spanish collar badges over the weekend at a flea market. The first pair are very nice enamelled with a screback fitting. I am presuming they are officer quality cavalry corps but would be grateful for confirmation.

The second pair are not as good but still enamelled with loops for split pins on the reverse. Are these Infantry badges and later officer's pieces, or earlier other ranks pieces ?

Grateful for all help in pinning these down more accurately.



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The Uniformity Rules of 1943, during more than 40 years, believe these "rombus-portaemblemas", being defined their dimensions for 48 millimeters of high and 35 of wide

The colors of the bacground initially were:

- Git: for the rank badges of general officials

- Red, with gilt border, for Chiefs, Official and NCO, with the emblem of the Arm, Crops, or Service

- Of red cloth for Troop, with the emblem of the Arm, Crops, or Service

Numerous versions of these rank badges exist, possibly one for each maker, there being size variations, back hooks, reverse, forms of the emblems, metals, quality of the enamels, and there are even them of jeweler's, in charge expressly that make quite difficult to be able to date the time

They were taken well in the neck of the warring ones of the parade uniforms, well on a leather support, in some combat uniformities


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Condition is not so good with broken enamel and "bomb" isn't centered; but here's an artillery collar badge.

(My son got this for some pocket change at a flea market in Barcelona a few years ago; got to give him credit for thinking of Dad!)

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I would like to add a comment and opinion to complete Antonio and IrishGunner have commented.

This is not an "officer badge" cause anybody can buy it, by example in the Plaza Mayor, Madrid, in one of the several military specialised shops there is around. They are not too spensif. I am sure in the rastro you could find lots, and surely authentical, cause I think, is an opinion, that there is not reason to make a fake.


Maybe Antonio, as expert, could say if I am right: I suspect this badge comes from the rombos appear in the napoleonic Chacós the same way than the Gorget Patches rom the Gorge proytection.

Going a little further in comments, i recommend one of the best spanish military song ever made, always in my opinnion: El Himno de infantería, the only spanish himno (Ymn), not march or other type of military piece, (each branch, corps etc has one has his own) that can be compared to the best foreing songs, as could be The Granadiers March for british empire, La varsoviana to the red army, Toque a degüello for Santa Ana and the mexican army, Gary Owen (Custer version) and others the same caliber:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/QZuxegpyH2Y?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I put this cause have the letter too, not for any other thing or thething.

One little note: In the first frankish age the letter was changed in the part that said "Con la épica Nobleza y Gallardía" by "Con la épica nobleza Castellana", the reason are difficult to explain here, but I give a clue: when I studied History Of Spain, about the first seventies, in the "Reyes Católicos" lesson, Fernando of Aragón was not the Maquiavelo's Princeps, was a hempecket husband (calzonazos) ready to give full command to Super Isabel (de Castilla) or be called Fernando The Virgin, nowadays you can call her Ripley althought she was blond hair, and surely not so atractive. And althought the castilian infantry was very effective many years ago, unfortunately Hollywood don't agree at all with me, I thing the almogavars have something to say, and to kill, in all that affair. ( The singed song have the castillian version)


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