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  1. See https://coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/omm19361977.htm and https://coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/estudioomm.htm
  2. Thank you for share. The colonel Gavarrete, among others, show the Spanish Cross of Military Merit (wthite disctinction). The first one
  3. See https://talesfromthesupplydepot.blog/2017/05/24/xxx-corps-formation-patches/
  4. See https://www.emedals.com/poland-a-1956-spanish-civil-war-commemorative-medal-with-document
  5. In Scandaluzzi, Franco: "The War of Spain 1936-1939 in the 50th Anniversary of the Pronunciamiento", 1987, p. 36 1415 medals are awarded (666 after the insittution in 1956 and the rest were conferred in the years until 1974 with no more awards made thereafter
  6. Thank you Cambridge sculptor Harry Gray’s idea for a Covid Star People’s Medal for NHS and care workers wins support https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/cambridge-sculptor-s-idea-for-a-covid-star-people-s-medal-for-nhs-and-care-workers-wins-support-9146575/
  7. Thank you Interested in the spanish period, specially for the local makers Joaquín Ardavín, B. Gutiérrez y hermano, José Pereda, etc. See
  8. A gift for the members of the forum. A poster with the order of wearing of the Spanish, multinational and some foreign ribbon bar decorations https://coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/POSTER.pdf
  9. See PRIETO BARRIO, Antonio "Las condecoraciones en la Segunda República Española”, Revista de Historia Militar, 117 (2015), pp. 231-289 https://publicaciones.defensa.gob.es/media/downloadable/files/links/R/E/REVISTAS_PDF3566.pdf The decorations in the 2ns Spanish Republic
  10. 50th anniversary of Independence commemorative Medal
  11. New European Security and Defence Policy Service Medals- EUNAVFOR Med IRINI MPCC, Military Planning and Conduct Capability
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