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  1. https://www.caymancompass.com/2020/10/26/order-of-the-cayman-islands-award-relaunched/ The newly designed Order of the Cayman Islands medals.
  2. Commemorative medal on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the participating in the defence against the NATO aggression, 2019 http://www.nabavke.mod.gov.rs/multimedia/dodaci/6423_7_19_konkursna_dokumentacija_jn_broj_14_2019_1599027578.pdf
  3. Iran Medal of appreciation for the nurses who are saving people’s lives during the battle with coronavirus i https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/447457/Javad-Bakhtiari-designs-medal-of-appreciation-for-nurses
  4. Spain. Medal for the Operation Balmis. To recognize the personnel of the Armed Forces and civilian personnel assigned to the Ministry of Defense who have participated in the fight against COVID-19, within the framework of said operation https://coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/balmis.htm Switzerland
  5. Perhaps it would be convenient to change the title if at the end we are going to include the medals related to COVID-19 and not only the one from Johore
  6. Also the Italian ribbon for the Armed Forces https://infodifesa.it/forze-armate-nastrino-di-merito-per-il-personale-impiegato-nellemergenza-covid-19/
  7. Also I known any from Russia and other from Ukraine The spanish medal is only for the Armed Forces members, not Police or Guardia Civil Ukrainian international medal award"COVID-19 - for honorary service" wolrd fight with coronavirus Russian medical medal award"For their selfless fight against with coronavirus COVID-19" https://chelznak.ru/shop/manufacturer/enterprise/item_20791/
  8. The two stars appears as the NATO. I dont kown... The flags not are maritime signs
  9. Electronic translation Ministerial Order 50/2020, of September 4, by which the requirements and procedure for the award, annotation and description of the commemorative medal of Operation Balmis are determined. Royal Decree 701/2020, of July 28, creates the commemorative medal of Operation Balmis to recognize the personnel participating in the fight against COVID-19. This operation has represented the largest deployment of the Spanish Armed Forces in peacetime. During the development of the operation, the Armed Forces have helped citizens from all corners of Spain to face and
  10. No. See the Order of March 11, 1941 - Wounded and injured directly by the enemy, yellow ribbon with green edges and a red cross embroidered in the center; bar with date of injury - Wounded or injured from other causes, yellow ribbon, without green edges and pin with the date of the injury or injury - Relatives killed or disappeared in the campaign, black ribbon and a bar with the date of the action in which the deceased found death - Prisoners of war, orange ribbon and bar on which the dates on which the captivity began and ended will be engraved - Prison suffered in the Republican a
  11. Was created by royal order on November 6, 1814: a gold medal for the Officers and Cadets and a silver medal for the enlisted, with a chain engraved around it, and in its center a castle with the inscription SUFRIMIENTO POR LA PATRIA(Suffering for the Homeland); Which will wear both earring of the buttonhole of the jacket with a narrow yellow ribbon with green edges In 1940 a new Regulation was approved, expanding the right to its use and establishing new ribbons for these circumstances, without modifying the insignia. In general, it hangs from a yellow ribbon with green edges. The one for
  12. Yes. From Spain. It is the (BANDOLERA) "golden shoulder strap" approved in the uniformity regulation of 1943 It is placed from the left shoulder to the right side. Gold gallon five centimeters wide, forming the embroidery with alternating castles and lions. The gallon is lined with red cloth, placed in such a way that it does not exceed the width of that one. On the chevron, sliding and to fix it in the center of the chest, an elliptical plate of fire-gilded brass is placed. The dimensions of the axes of the same are eight and five and a half centimeters, respectively. It has in its
  13. Hello

    I'm interested specially for documentation of the spanish period until 1898

    I have somre rbbon plates of ODM worlwuide, include Philipinnes

    Please see 


    Tell me comment, update or mistake

    Thank you and regards

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