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    AEC Knocker?

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    Is the last lorry in this pic British or German? It isn't very clear and it says "on the road to Dunkirk May 1940" on the back.

    It looks like an AEC Knocker to me (don't know if that's the correct name but it's what we called them). Was anyone else here in the RCT once upon a time?


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    Hello David,

    I've never heard of the Matador before. Our squadron had AEC MKIII Militants and 1 Knocker but I must say, they do all look alike.

    Below is a Matador I just found on the net. If I can find some of my old pics of a Milli and Knocker I'll post them too.


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    The Matador seems to be from the right period and is the only name that I remember (early influence of Airfix kits).

    My only experience of the RCT was sitting in the back of Bedfords and being numbed to sleep by the vibration.

    If it were later in the war, it might be something Canadian.


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    The headlights of the Matador seem situated lower than on the picture. Also, on the picture the lower line of the front glasses seems straight, flat /though not very well seen/. Maybe the truck on the picture is a French Renault? /sorry, do not remember the model of that flat-faced Renault.../

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