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Dutch 4th and 5th regiment


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Hello gents,

I am often asked by people to look up information about Dutch soldiers, their relatives, in my large collection of military magazines.

This week I've looked up information for a man whom's father is in bad health.I've given him the picture and info I was able to find.

The father lost the original pictures, therefore he went very emotional when his son got new ones from me and was able to make an album about his days in the army.

However he also asked me if I have information about the 4th bataillion from the 5th regiment.

His father was a soldier(a WW2 veteran, in service untill the late 1960's) that went to Indie (Indonesia, a former Dutch colony) on the 14th of February 1947 with the ship called: ss kota baroe.

I would like to ask the help of GMIC members if they can tell me the history of these regiments, and perhaps especially about the events from this regiment during the polititional actions.

thank you very much for the help!

kind regards,


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