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Thanks! I only wish it would be my medal-bar. But the collector who owns it was told, this officer was probably a pilot. I think the same due this combination of awards. Maybe a rank like Oberleutnant or Hauptmann.

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It is certainly a distinctive and very likely UNIQUE combination. BUT--

The HHOX roll is incomplete (though Daniel is working on THAT, too, in his spare spare time)

We only have the BMV4X published for Captains, not for Lieutenants

and this fellow was probably a Leutnant or Oberleutnant from the BZ3bX.

When the L?beck Roll is completed, and we can compare that with the BZ3bX (surely there will not be many!) and THEN go look for a Hohenzollern after those two...

some day.

Every single roll that is finished not only tells us who COULD have a bar, but also serves to exclude other "suspects" who ccould NOT have received a bar. So if we find a BZ3bX and L?H holder who had a SA3bX... scratch that possible owner.

But right now, we do not have the COMBINED information to identify this bar, unless he turns up by pure chance and good luck.

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