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    13. IR Oberst ID

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    Dear All -

    My first post on this forum! I am trying to identify the owner of a piped Infantry Oberst's tunic I have recently aquired. I will attach a few scans of the tailor's name tag. I had thought that the last name was B?chers, but have not been able to turn anyone up with that name attached to 13. IR. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    Guest Rick Research

    That is Julius BUCHERT

    Originally of Baden Infantry Regiment 111

    Leutnant 18.11.10 R3r vorpatentiert in 1912

    Oberleutnant 22.3.16 H5h

    went into the Reichsheer, Infantry Regiment 5-- below from the 1924 Rank List


    Hauptmann 1.12.22 #1



    Oberst 1.4.38 #6

    WW1 awards = EK1 and 2, Silver Wound Badge, and Baden Order of the Z?hringen Lion-Knight 2nd Class with Swords (BZ3bX) on 28.2.16 while a Leutnant in Inf Regt 334

    In 1939 he was Commandant of Mannheim (Kommandantur), with uniform of Inf Rgt 13:


    Something must have happened-- maybe he was badly wounded... but he went from normal active duty career officer who should have made General circa 1941/42 from what became the (T) list in WW2 to the (S) list-- those were usually retreads, and was STILL an Oberst, same date of rank, in May 1944.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Took me a while to track down Inf Rgt 334 in WW1-- it was NOT a Baden unit, so Buchert was one of those officers who were simply "thinned" out of existing units to "stiffen" the new wartime scratch-created regiments.

    His regiment was on the Russian Front 1915-17 in 84th Infantry Division, then the regiment was transferred to the 94th Inf Div. When that unit started being dismantled for replacements to other divisions on the Russian Front in 1917, it was eventually disbanded in may 1918 in France.

    Depending on the medal bar loops, in addition to his EK2, BZ3bX, HindenburgX, Wehrmacht 25, and Wehrmacht 12, Buchert may have added the Austrian and Hungarian WW1 Commemorative Medals for his time in the East.

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    Guest Rick Research

    The little curly over the u isn't an umlaut (?) but simply the handwriting "flip" so it can be distinguished from an "n" as written. And notice the spindly final "t" in his name matching the last letter in "Oberst."

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