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    K98 byf 42


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    My man, yet another byf. How sweet. That is a real looker. Do you need permits for those weapons over there? They sure do shoot well. I think the Kar 98k is the classic military rifle. None can top it. Thanks for the great post.


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    Thanks byf,

    Yes you need a license to own guns here

    In Sweden. And if you collect weapons

    First you need a permit to collect then

    A license on each gun or rifle.

    You even need license for deactivated. speechless1.gif



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    Hi John,

    Criteria for handguns. You have to be a member

    Of a gun club and be an active member, in training and competitions.

    To get license of a .22lr hand gun, at least 6 month membership

    And you have to prove your skills in gun safety and shooting.

    You have to get at least 46p out of 50 shooting at 25 meters on a

    Pistol target. You have 5 shoots in the gun. And you shoot with one hand.

    You need to shoot three 46:ers to get a license.

    To get a 9 mm .38 or .45, at least 1 year membership and get at least

    43p out of 50. Same criteria as the .22lr.

    You have to bay a .22lr first.

    You have to store all guns in a weapon cabinet.

    The license for handguns only last 5 years then you

    Have to renew them. angry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gif

    I hope that it made some sense. My English skills are not the best.

    Best regards,


    I am trying to attach a picture on a pistol target, unsure.gif

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    Thanks for the info. I bet the government has a nice little fee for those permits, can you go out in the woods and shoot or only at the range? By the way, you have a very good comand of English. Don't put yourself down. Keep up the good posts.



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    Hi Ronny, Sounds like you are doing pretty well. Over here we have public land where we can hunt, fish, shoot, what ever we want as long as we don't make a mess or burn it down. There are many huge private timber companys that let us on their land as well. Do you collect any other German militaria? Thanks.


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