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This is from the late Tony Colson's collection. :beer: What we have is an entire December 1915 company, over 200 men, of a pointed spike helmet unit "3."

Or were they? :rolleyes:

One of the things I find interesting is that although the war had been going on for almost a year and a half, the only person I see wearing any decoration is one NCO over at far right.

Are you guessing what sort of unit this was?

(interlude: elevator music)

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Hey! That's cheating!

Yup, "3" on the helmet covers, yet they are Bavarian Reserve Pioneer Company 16. (NO extra points if you can guess where it was taken.)

Sent by Lt (dR) Gustav Groh, probably to his brother in law in Speyer, since it s message is simply that he is in the best of health and PS received mother's letter, with thanks.

Nice Feldpost Expedition, 6th Bavarian Landwehr Division cancellation 8 January 1916, and censor stamp from the Company.

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Lt dR Groh himself had just been commissioned in KB Pionier Bataillon 4 before the war.

He was alive in April 1916 (secret Bavarian Rank List, name only entered in 1st volume), but his ultimate fate remains unknown. He did not received a Crown to an MVO4X or any gazetted non-Bavarian award.

So where is he? Three officers are clustered at far left. Seated in front (dark plain cloth tabs) is an Oberleutnant who presumably commanded the company. Behind him is another older officer in an overcoat. While standing at far left is...

Ooooooooooo. How many teddy bears did it take to make THAT outfit? :rolleyes:

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