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  1. In case you did not know, there is a relatively new Imperial 1914 website and Facebook group . It might interest you. This is not just history militaria – I downsized, relocated to Pensacola, finished book 5, it was published in June and then I started doing this blog, not many pictures to speak of but a lot of nice short history blog of Germans in World War I. The group is currently doing a day by day history of the German side in August 1914 – paralleling the book German Failure in Belgium, August 1914.today's post is about August 10, 1914. Take a peek. Check out the Facebook gro
  2. You might find this 2015 book interesting. It has his picture that came from the museum in Halen. https://www.amazon.com/Cavalry-Charge-Battle-Silver-Helmets-Halen-12-ebook/dp/B018PFIVWK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526904718&sr=8-1&keywords=Last+great+cavalry++charge
  3. I'm not sure this is in the right area – "As you know, my small book company, Imperial & Royal Books, is the official USA seller of all Verlag Militaria Books. We are happy to report on our new publications for 2016 now available in our USA warehouse and ready for shipment via USPS media mail, which certainly keeps the price very low. Soon the new titles will be added to the Verlag Militaria USA website (http://www.militaria.at) for secure, direct credit card ordering and shipped from my USA warehouse of Imperial & Royal Books. We are also selling the whole range of books (includi
  4. I agree. We're going on a trip but will have to start listing again when we return. eBay has changed the way they mail to countries outside the USA. The postage is now prohibitive. So I think I will try German eBay – even though I don't know how very well or something else. Nobody wants to pay too much for postage and we just want to pass on the images as we don't need them much anymore. They do not fit for the most part the new book we are writing.
  5. Chris, This is the first time I am using their international shipping system. It is not very easy to understand for the seller. I'm sure I will get used to it. Best for me if you pay for one as a trial run. I would list them on German eBay but I really don't know how.
  6. As many of you know I am selling much of my photograph collection on American eBay –COLJ'S Ebay name is joerookery.
  7. ps748 by Joe Robinson, on Flickr Division chaplain 25th infantry division–This guy is Catholic. He has the body of Christ on his cross and has a small sized cross on his hat. ps1422 by Joe Robinson, on Flickr Division chaplain of the 25th Hessian division. This one is Protestant. Notice that there is no cross on his hat–nonstandard. Also his cross does not have the body of Christ. You cannot clearly see the Chi rho symbol on the cross. kp22 by Joe Robinson, on Flickr and for Belgium… ps1876 by Joe Robinson, on Flickr Friedrich Gottlob Erich Schlegel, 24.2.1866-26.4.1938, Evangelischer
  8. Eric, This is a map from 22 August inside volume one of the German official history. They had no idea where the British were. Kluck admitted downing an aircraft but was still in the dark. The ninth cavalry division was in the wrong place. https://www.evernote.com/l/AHo83Dl9vsxAp7rWwurI8iKP31WvSp2ZZmQB/image.png I have no knowledge of the light radio set being dispatched from the ninth cavalry division headquarters prior to the 23rd.
  9. Eric, I think yes and no. To the best of my knowledge there is no real work on reconnaissance yet. That seems to be both in German and English. We are working on it and have found out a great deal. We laid out the logic in The Great War Dawning. This has been completely confirmed and reinforced by analysis of von Troschke's 1940 maps. There is no question in my mind. However on the no side most of the English language works if not all of them trace their origins back to the British official history and Edmonds. In that mass of documentation there is little to be really gathered about what ha
  10. halenoneyear by Joe Robinson, on Flickr On 12 August 1915 the Germans had a significant memorial for the one-year anniversary of the Battle of Halen. This cavalry action brought forth a ceremony that was held in Halen Belgium and attended by 40 relatives from Germany. The Generalgouverneur of Belgium, Generaloberst Freiherr von Bissing and the Militärgouverneur of the Province of Limburg, Generalmajor Keim were present. The Groβherzog of Mecklenburg sent a delegate to honour his fallen Mecklenburg men. Every grave was decorated with an iron cross-with the name of the fallen-and with flowers.
  11. Andy, I need pictures of German aircraft used in August 1914. Both lighter than air and heavier than air. Got anything? Yes another book. Number five this time I was trying to avoid Liege but it just is not possible. ps408 by Joe Robinson, on Flickr
  12. We have all sorts of data in preparation of our next book. Really pretty surprising. I am just looking for maps still and pictures. We are just starting and will use "The Last Great Cavalry Charge" as a spring board.
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