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    Spain - Memories of my father, paratrooper of the 1st course of the EMP


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    Memories of my father, paratrooper of the 1st course of the EMP in Spain

    I am Juan Jaramillo y Blasco. It has been many months since I signed up. Given myinterest for the items Aeronautical, influenced by my father and uncle.

    I discovered that devoted to the military parachutists EA, where back in a distant on February 23, 1948, my father, Miguel Jaramillo Arn?u, framed in the section then sent his captain D. Ramon Salas Larraz?bal.

    Shortly after suffering a sick made me lose many personal relationships ....

    And today I have decided participaros many of his memories and mine, the time has come.

    I asked my mother that I take his warrior's "nice suit" It's time to share with people who were also his family. He, who died four years ago with me in the effort and encouraged me to do so.

    Feature 1. The discovered

    As I have said, my father was one of the instructors at the Military School in Parachute Alcantarilla, Province of Murcia (Spain). He joined the First Year Hunters Parachute. And went his first jump on 23 February 1948.

    For many years, retained his uniform at home. As I commented earlier, I have already made the first discovered in pictures. It's his warrior "dress nice." It's made of cotton fabric cloth in bulk. It is 60 years now, aged, which can be seen in some detail. The necks, closed with brackets, brass buttons, green rhombuses on which they are placed emblems of the Army Air. In the 3 gallons of shoulder out 2 nd and is not a long gallon silver for the sleeve that I remember seeing years ago. The left shoulder is observed indicative of the student, an E capitalized hanging from a parachute. All buttons are made of brass, and my father said, "were not as latosos cleaned as the old, which is deslustraban and had to clean them based much rubbing with Netol a clean-metal paste, which is made brighter based good effort and blown brightness. Those leading the war of my father also had to be done, but less frequently. On top of the right pocket noted the emblem of the Army Air. Echo missing a button and a wide belt whose buckle contained again this emblem, which is also visible in other parts of his costume. The necks were closed bracket, which they sometimes reminds me who wears the King Alfonso XIII in their photos.

    I thought, make new pictures with more detail and more careful. And with the help of my wife's mother, some more technical detail about this piece of uniform and with memories of my uncle any more.


    An overview front, conducted on a trouser press.


    A closer view of the central area


    A detail of the central area right of the warrior.


    Details of the "peaks" of the neck, fitted with brackets, which are mounted on the rhombuses Corps paratroopers.

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    This is a detail of the trabilla back.


    DETAIL left shoulder and shield student at the School.


    Gallons of out 2 nd on its "hombrera/shoulder".


    An overview profile of the left sleeve

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    An overview back.

    The blue folder

    I am reviewing documentation of my father as a student at the Militar School of Parachutist (EMP) Escuela Militar de Paracaidistas. He left much prepared and assembled on the occasion of a reunion with former colleagues in 1993, retains Official Gazettes of the State with the calls, handwritten copies of Instance for entry as a volunteer, a prospectus for the Celebration of Our Lady of Loreto, Mistress of Gun Aviation, copies of the Order of the Day ..... Photos show jumping .....

    There is a lot of treasure in the folder

    This time, again, I approached some photographs of the interior of the warrior. It strikes me fixing shield Army Air. I think we made some minor cuts and spent the pletinas through the fabric of thick cardboard and closed the "butterfly". In the case of the coat was a matter of moving the wires for the same materials.


    Overview internal front


    Partial view showing the inner shield


    Having nearby interior


    Detail setting shield School


    Detail setting emblem


    It?s turn now to documents. My father kept drafts of the requests, there is a photo on a machine, the real Photomat?n. An account in press -diary "Ya" posibly- of enlistment in the Air Force, a sheet with the expenses that it caused him. Many of the documents are written in pencil, the request for the certificate of good conduct, the instructions for volunteerism, the department had to submit a manuscript, and appreciates the role apergaminado a watermark and writing pen. There is a labor certificate from a factory tile mosaic, in which the owner, D. Mario Capote Otero, Cuban and great friend of my father, introduced briefly working life of my father, work being carried out after the morning milking of the family that operated "milk cow factory /vaquer?a" my grandmother Rose.


    Draft petition certified Good Conduct 1 / 2


    Draft petition certified Good Conduct 2 / 2

    Draft Instance Manuscript (big image)

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    Fotomat?n envelope photos


    Laboral Inform Report


    Leaf cost


    This is a picture of my father 25/Abril/1947. It has jagged edges, very typical of the era.

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    Jan.... :cheers:

    Una nueva entrega: son las Hojas de Prendas, ?Interiores y Exteriores?

    A new delivery Leaf with garments. "Inside and outside"


    Hoja con las prendas menores, corresponde a un amigo.

    Leaf with minors garments , corresponds to a friend.


    Hoja con las prendas mayores, corresponde a un amigo.

    Leaf with older garments, corresponds to a friend.


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