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I picked up this bar in the spring and have been trying to trace it. When I realized the third ribbon from the left could be the Hessen (HT) decoration I found a match. The ribbons SEEM to be:

1. EK

2. Bayern MVO (device missing)

3. Hessen (HT) or Hamburg

4. SMK (device missing)

5. FEK (Hindenburg)

6. LS

7. LS

8. RAO (prewar)

What is also interesting to note is the lack of the centennial medal indicating to person entered service after 1897 or was in a capacity that did not warranty the centennial medal. If the bar is to a long servicing NCO of officer then there would be a centennial. So I think the bar to an official with army service. So given this the only person I find who has a pre-war RAO and no centennial but does have a long service award is....

Wilhelm Bald

In 1914 he was with the GardeKorps as a Int. Rat, Oblt d. L. a. D. Which is a Landwehr Oblt. His awards are RAO4, LD2 and BMV4. I would like to know his birth date but he does not have a DOA entry. I would also like to know what he did after the war. He was a reserve officer in 1897 and sometime between 1897 and 1900 he became an Army Rat. His wartime awards are:

EK, BMV4XKr, HT and SMK. As can be seen the swords and Crown for the BMV are missing from the bar as is the device for the SMK. I believe the second long service ribbon is the 25 year civilian service. The bar is pictured below. Any opinions are welcomed.

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