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    A.F.W. 5124 - Army Order Concerning Granting of Clasp & Roses To The 1914 Star.

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    This information is well known nowadays, but here's a photo of an original copy of the Army Order authorising the granting of the Clasp & Roses to the 1914 Star.

    The section "Appendix A" contains a list of units whose personnel were recognised as having qualified, applicants from units which were not listed were required to furnish a certificate signed by an officer, warrant Officer or NCO of the rank of sergeant or above stating that they were personally aware of the applicants entitlement to the emblems.

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    Thanks for posting this. Leigh. We've also seen this list reproduced in the standard reference books, but it is very nice to see The Real Thing. While it may not interest many, I have (somewhere) the various Indian Army Orders that expand and clarify the Indian Army's qualifications (though I am not sure the actual clasps ever found their way out to India in large numbers).

    Thanks again. :cheers:

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