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Capitaine Georges Lautier, Arm?e de l'Air Service History?


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I am looking for any details of service history for Capitaine Georges Lautier whose tunic and cap I have in my collection. His tunic is named and dated for 1939 as a Capitaine. He wears three awards including the Legion d'Honneur (chevalier), Croix de Guerre (WWI) and what appears to be the US Distinguished Service Cross (??!!). If you can help, please comment. I have no rosters for the Arm?e de l'Air.




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From the 'Annuaire national des officiers de r?serve 1931-1932" :

LAUTIER (G. E. M.) lieutenant Arm?e de l'Air, , 42 rue de l'Abb? de l'Ep?e ? Marseille.

So it was an officer of the Reserve and it's hard to get more if you have not his personnal military papers.

Best regards from Paris

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Dear Rodion,

Thank you for solving this mystery. So he was a real man. How do I go about finding about his service? Are there online archives I can search? Are the reserves more private than active duty or career personnel? I would like to continue but do not know how. Do you have a service number for this man? Does that help?



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