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    Iraqi AirForce Service Order Gilt Neck Order

    Guest IMHF

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    Iraqi AirForce Service Order Gilt (Neck Order)

    This was awarded to Iraqi Pilots for service in the Iraqi AirForce.

    This Order is worn around the neck.


    Picked this one up from an antique dealer in Baghdad, Iraq.

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    Man you got a awesome deal, I bought the both of mine for $250.00 each. They both came with the mini Order and case. I seen one of the first class neck orders sale for $965.00 last year.

    My 2nd Class I received from an Iraqi Brigadier General that was in the Iraqi Airforce. He was Awarded it for his service in the war with Israel.

    SSG Luna, Lorenzo

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    That's the great part Lorenzo...you have the hisstory and provenance with your orders.....you ever think of documenting all in a book or your own web page? Your experience in Iraq coupled with your collection and the contacts you have made is sure to be interesting to many many more people...

    As always I enjoy seeing your pieces....


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    he second class breast badge example that I have in my collection.

    Can you repost the pictures?


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